RockWare Software: RockWorks

RockWorks Feature Levels

RockWorks17 is offered with three different feature levels: Basic, Standard, and Advanced. Which is right for you?

All three levels include the Utilities portion of the RockWorks program. The Utilities has a row-and-column datasheet and numerous tools for mapping XYZ data, modeling XYZG points, creating stereonets and rose diagrams, creating Piper, Stiff, and Durov plots, and much MUCH more. This is the general RockWorks “toolbox.”

All feature levels also include the three Graphic Output programs: RockPlot2D, RockPlot3D, and ReportWorks.

All three levels also include the Borehole Manager and its local database for storing and managing borehole-based data. Here is where the feature levels apply:

  • With Basic, the borehole processing tools are limited to observed data – no modeling: Borehole location maps, 2D and 3D strip logs, and striplog profiles and cross sections. Simple correlation panels are offered for Stratigraphy, I-Data, and P-Data in 2D section diagrams.
  • With Standard, you get all of the borehole modeling tools for the subsurface data offered in the Lithology, Stratigraphy, I-Data, T-Data, P-Data, Fractures, Aquifers, and Vectors menus, and all of the 2D and 3D diagrams and maps these menus contain.
  • With Advanced, you can connect to a SQL-Server database on a network, run RCL scripts to automate program processes, apply 3D faults to surface and solid models. You also have access to the RockWare GIS Link, to the tools in the well Production menu, and can import commercial PLSS land grids, (Read more about RockWorks Advanced.)

The higher levels include all of the features of the lower ones. You can upgrade to a higher feature level by paying the difference in price.

RockWorks Feature Levels
License Level: Basic Standard Advanced
Single License Price: starting at… $1,500 $3,000 $5,000
-or- Network License Price: starting at… $2,625 $5,250 $8,750
-or- Annual Rental Price: $650 $1,300 $2,200
Utilities (including EarthApps)
Logs & Sections
Borehole-Based Modeling
SQL Server, Automation, 3D Faulting

Download the RockWorks Brochure which includes details about the different feature levels.