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LogPlot 8 – Munsell keyword and colors

Download a LogPlot8 “.lpkey” Keyword File which lists Munsell color codes (such as “10BG 2/1”) and the representative color.


  • To view/edit a keyword library in LogPlot8, choose Options | Keyword Editor; the current default file will be loaded. Use the File button’s Open option to browse for the .lpkey file you wish to view/edit.
  • In the Keyword Editor you can modify colors, delete keywords you don’t use, etc. Refer to the Help messages for more information about this.
  • There are no pattern designs with these keywords, just the Munsell code and the representative decimal color which will serve as a background fill. If you want pattern designs to be associated with these new keywords, you can easily add them yourself in the Keyword Editor.
  • Since LogPlot8 permits only one active keyword library, you can append these keywords to another keyword file by opening one or the other keyword file into the Keyword Editor, clicking the File button, choosing Append to Current File, and browsing for the other .lpkey file to append to the current one. This process simply appends the contents of keyword file B to keyword file A, and then sort them alphabetically. Duplicates will not be automatically stripped out.

Sample HTML Log

View an example of a LogPlot log exported to an HTML table, with JPG images of each of the two log pages. It displays as a continuous log in your browser.

Sample PDF Log

View/downloads an example of a LogPlot log exported to PDF format. This is an 8.5″ x 18″ image. (4.5 MB)