PetraSim Documentation

PetraSim Documentation Downloads

Click on an item below to download PetraSim Documentation manuals and other documentation for the PetraSim program.

Please visit the PetraSim Support Resources page hosted by Thunderhead Engineering for additional resources – Example Problems, Simulator Manuals, etc.

PetraSim Users Guide

Download a PDF version of the PetraSim Users Guide

Tutorial – Getting Started

Download the “Getting Started” tutorial for PetraSim. (PDF, 685 K)

Tutorial – Using Layers and XYZ Files to Model Stratigraphy

Download the “Using Layers and XYZ Files to Model Stratigraphy” tutorial for PetraSim. (PDF, 498 K)

Tutorial – Using Wells and Polygonal Meshing

Download the “Using Wells and Polygonal Meshing” tutorial for PetraSim. (PDF, 432 K)

Tutorial – View Controls

Download the View Controls tutorial for PetraSim. (PDF, 80K)