FAQ for AqQA

How do I install and activate my AqQA license?

If you purchase a license for AqQA, you will receive an email from our fulfillment desk with the “registration number” for your license. Keep this – you’ll need it to activate your license.

AqQA installs as a demo. You can download the installer from the main AqQA page on our website. Save the installer file to your computer, then run it to install the software. The trial version is fully-functional for 2 weeks.

If you purchased a Single license, a machine-specific “Unlocking Code” is used to convert the time-limited demo to the full version. You can request your Unlocking Code via the RockWare Customer Portal or our Registration Form. (See the AqQA Licensing page for details.)

How do I transfer my AqQA license to a different computer?

This is a 3-step process: removing the licensing from the original machine, installing the program on your new computer, and unlocking the license on the new computer. See also: AqQA Licensing.

1. Remove the license from the original computer:

  • Start up AqQA on that computer.
  • Click on the Help menu and select AqQA Licensing.
  • Click in the Remove Licensing button and click Change.
  • Click Yes when prompted to confirm the operation.
  • Write down or right-click/copy the Uninstall Code that is displayed and paste it into Windows Notepad for future reference.

2. Install AqQA onto your new computer.

  • Visit the AqQA Product Updates page to download the latest installation program.
  • Install the software on the new computer and launch it.
  • Click on the Help menu and select AqQA Licensing.
  • Select AqQA Single as the license type.
  • Right-click/copy the Installation Number displayed there.

3. Request your new unlocking code by visiting EITHER:

  • the RockWare Customer Portal for online (immediate) generation of your code. In the Portal you can create a new account or log in using your existing account.
    • Once you’ve logged in to the Portal, locate the license you are transferring and click the Unlock button.
    • Choose Transfer to a Different Computer as the Unlock Type.
    • Enter the new Installation Number, the Uninstall Number from the previous computer, the end user name and email.
    • Click the Unlock Software button. The Unlocking Code should be displayed on the screen.
    • Click the button to the right to copy this long code, and paste it into the Unlocking Code prompt in the AqQA licensing screen.
    • Enter the license’s Registration Number and your Company Name into the specified prompts in the AqQA licensing screen.
    • Click the Change button.
  • the Register and Unlock Software form for email reply.
    • You’ll need to supply your contact information, your license Registration Number, the new Installation Number, and the Uninstall Code from the previous computer.
    • We will reply by email with the new unlocking code.

How do I download the AqQA demo?

  1. Go to the main AqQA product page.
  2. Click the Free Trial tab.
  3. Enter your name and email.
  4. Click the Captcha check-box, and click Continue.
    The Free Trial tab will now display instructions and a Download button.
  5. Click the Download button.
  6. Save the installer to your computer.
  7. When the download is complete, run the installer.

You can watch a quick video with the Free Trial download instructions.

Is there any documentation for AqQA?

Yes – visit the AqQA Documentation page to view or download a PDF user’s guide.