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Use the buttons below to download the installation programs for …

RockWorks 2023

Use the button below to download the installer for the latest version of RockWorks.

The installer you’ll be downloading runs as the full version if you have a license, or as a trial version for 14 days if you do not have a license. If RockWorks is already licensed (unlocked) on your computer and if your maintenance is current, you can install the latest version at no charge. Install right over the top of the existing copy. You won’t need a new unlocking code. The version will update automatically from “RockWorks2020” to “RockWorks2023”.

We post new versions every month. For details, please visit the RockWorks Updates section of the Support Forum and the RockWorks Revision List. For automatic notification of updates, activate the “Check for updates” setting in the RockWorks Setup | Preferences | General Program Settings | Updates menu.

RockWorks – Archived Versions

You will not be able to use the newest version of RockWorks if your maintenance has lapsed. You can either:
(1) Contact RockWare to renew your maintenance for support/updates/upgrades. Or…
(2) Go to the Archived Versions page to download the version equal to or older than the date your maintenance expired.

RockWorks 15/16 File Converter

Use the button below to download the installer for the RockWorks 15/16 File Converter. This is a program you can use to convert RockWorks15 and RockWorks16 project databases (.MDB) to a RockWorks20xx SQLite database. You can also convert RockWorks15 data (.ATD), model (.GRD, .MOD) and/or graphic (.RK6, R3DXML) files to the updated RockWorks20xx formats (.RwDat, .RwGrd, .RwMod, .Rw2D, .Rw3D), individually or in bulk.

RockWorks 17

Use the buttons below to download the installer for the last posted version of RockWorks17, either 32- or 64-bit.

If you are evaluating the software prior to purchase, please download RockWorks20xx using the link at the top of this page.