RockWorks Geophysical Case Studies and Technical Documents


Using the RockWorks Playlist to Process Electromagnetic Survey Data

This case study describes using an electromagnetometer to survey a site where the bodies of nine soldiers were reportedly buried during the American Revolution in 1776. RockWorks was used to identify anomalously conductive targets in the survey data by adding the processing steps to an automated Playlist, with a goal of generating an archeological excavation plan. Automating the process using a Playlist can serve as a template for other studies.  (16 pages)


Using a Digital Cone Penetrometer to Locate Clandestine Grave Sites

This case study describes using a cone penetrometer to measure soil compaction, importing the data into RockWorks, and creating compaction models for display as block models, 3D fence diagrams, and maps. (8 pages)

RockWare Software: RockWorks
RockWorks Block Model showing Voxels with Magnitude greater than 3.6

3D Visualization of Seismic Activity Associated with the Nazca and South American Plate Subduction Zone

The purpose of this study is to visualize seismic activity along the western coast of Chile where the Nazca plate is subducting beneath the South American plate. It includes downloading satellite imagery and earthquake measurements, visualizing the images and 3D earthquake spheres in RockWorks, fitting a surface model to the epicenters, truncating and smoothing this plate boundary surface, computing the subduction angle, and creating a solid model based on earthquake magnitudes. (12 pages)

RockWare Software: RockWorks
RockWorks Stratigraphy Model with Floating Contour Map

Three dimensional digital analysis of 2,500 square kilometers of gravity and magnetic survey data, Bellefontaine Outlier area, Ohio

This paper is a senior thesis designed to determine the basement structure beneath the Bellafontaine Outlier, a highland of Devonian rocks in a glaciated region, using gravity and magnetic data in RockWorks. (42 pages)


How does RockWorks manage downhole geophysical data?

This is a technical document that discusses how P-Data is entered into and stored in the RockWorks database. (3 pages)