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Utilities Overview Video

Watch a quick introductory video on the RockWorks Utilities. 


Create numerous types of maps based on data stored in the RockWorks Utilities datasheet.

3D Surfaces and Terrain Models

Create 3D surfaces based on elevation or other XYZ data. Display surfaces in 3D with a variety of surface styles. Adjust transparency, lighting, and vertical stretch for all. Zooming and rotation are possible for all types of 3D surfaces.

Geosteering Programs

Create 2D and 3D geosteering diagrams from downhole survey, gamma-resistivity, and gas data. Calculate optimal well paths from XYZ points.

Aqueous geochemistry: Piper, Stiff and Durov diagrams
RockWorks offers several utilities for manipulating and displaying your hydrochemistry data, including the most popular aqueous geochemistry plots- Piper diagrams and Stiff diagrams.

Rose Diagrams and Other Structural Geology Tools
RockWorks comes complete with a rich array of rose diagram and lineation analysis utilities.

Stereonet diagrams
RockWorks also offers a detailed suite of stereonet analysis tools.

Grid model tools

RockWorks has a large assortment of tools and utilities for creating grid models based on XYZ data.

Solid Modeling Tools

Create solid models from XYZG data, with a variety of viewing options (isosurfaces, 3D voxels, profiles, fence diagrams). Analysis and filtering tools, too.

Ternary diagrams and other statistics tools in RockWorks
RockWorks has tools for creating ternary diagrams, scatter plots, histograms, sieve diagrams, as well as a number of ways to evaluate your data statistically.

3D Objects
Use RockWorks' OpenGL tools to create 3D objects which can be combined with other 3D images (solids, surfaces, fences, etc.).

Geotechnical tools in RockWorks
RockWorks offers a variety of geotechnial tools.

Miscellaneous geology tools - geologic time scale, periodic table, unit conversion, coordinate version and more

A number of additional geology tools and utilities are available in RockWorks.

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