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RockWorks software in the oil and gas industry

RockWorks includes many software tools for the oil and gas industry. From creating cross sections and section maps, to isopach maps and reservoir modeling, RockWorks gives you the tools to get the job done.


Use RockWorks to import and manage all of your reservoir data, storing well locations, well surveys, lithology, elog, stratigraphic, and other downhole data in a well database.

RockWorks well database  

Use RockWorks to import curves from LAS files using an easy import wizard.  Import for a single well, or in bulk for multiple wells.

RockWorks LAS Import Wizard  

RockWorks contains a free library of Public Land Survey data - spot wells, spot leases, and create section maps for your project area.

Public Land Survey map showing land grid sections and townships  

Create well location maps with a variety of map layers and labels. 

Point map showing well locations and UTM coordinates  

Include rasterlogs in 2D and 3D logs. The interactive depth registration window makes it a snap to define the image's top and base depths.

  • Scanned paper electic logs
  • Outcrop photographs
  • Photos of cuttings and core
Include raster images in your logs  

The enhanced stratigraphy picker allows you to display digital or raster elogs (along with any other available log data) and pick stratigraphic tops and bases. As contacts are selected, the correlation panels are drawn on the screen, making pinchouts easier to detect and corrections easier to make.

The stratigraphy picker  

Display deviated logs in 2D sections and in the RockWorks interactive 3D display.
Deviated drillholes in a 2D projected section  

Deviated drillholes in 3D  


RockWorks 2D horizontal log  

Create 2D and 3D contour maps of stratigraphic surfaces and reservoir isopachs. A variety of gridding methods are available.

Borehole symbols and elevation contours  

Create stratigraphic cross sections.

Stratigraphic profile with gamma/resistivity logs and geophysical contours  

Use your log data to create solid models of reservoir attributes, with automatic volumetric calculations for each unit.

Display solid models as isosurfaces...

Elogs and resistivity model  

 Or as voxel models.

RockWorks Elogs and Resistivity Voxel Model  

Display a stratigraphic model in 3D with logs.

Stratigraphic block model & geophysical logs show as proportional discs  

Easily import LogPlot data.

Create production maps, lease maps, and a variety of reference maps. Float or drape these over your 3D logs, solids, and surfaces.


Use RockPlot3D to create stunning composite images.

Composite hydrocarbon reservoir voxel model (blue with red core), vertical, inclined, and deviated elogs, and stratigraphic fence diagram  

Porosity model with elogs and stratigraphic fence in background 



Quick Video: RockWorks Intro - Hydrocarbon Exploration (01:00)


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Quick Video: Importing KGS Data into the RockWorks Database (02:57)


Video: How to Plot Oil Leases in Google Earth (7:22)


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