New Features in PetraSim v2020

This is a maintenance release of PetraSim that provides bug fixes and improvements to the program.

Download the latest version of PetraSim from Rockware’s Product Updates page or by registering for a free trial.

New features/bug fixes in the 2020.2.1222 release include a number of small bug fixes, as well as enhanced support for TOUGH3:

  • TOUGHREACT v1.2, v2, v3.3 – changed chemical concentration tolerance to 1e-12, which allows for much lower values to be entered.
  • An infrequent problem with the display of vectors with MINC models was fixed.
  • Problems related to well file imports and exports were resolved.
  • The RCOUR setting for TOUGHREACT v2, v3. Is now correctly preserved
  • The PERMX value for extra cells is now correctly written as 1
  • New feature: The TOUGH3 “OUTPU” block can now be included in TOUGH input files
  • New feature: CSV files output by TOUGH3 (OUTPUT_ELEME.csv and OUTPUT_CONN.csv) can now be automatically loaded into the 3D results display

For a summary of the required TOUGH3 work flow using PetraSim v2020.2, take a look at this 5 minute video:

New features added in the 2020.1 release:

  • Improvements to how deviated wells and screened intervals are handled. In limited cases, completion intervals for deviated wells were not being recognized as sources in the input files.
  • Improved handling of XYZ text files during the creation of conceptual model layers
  • Added ability to mirror the zCoordinates across the X or the Y axis during petrel import
  • Changed default value for CP(7) in Capillary Pressure curves to 0 and clarified the meaning of this variable in the interface.
  • Fixed some problems related to inconsistent column names in GOFT.csv files
  • Removed reference to MOP(15) on page 106 of manual
  • Fixed a problem where the colors in slice planes were reversed
  • Fixed bug that caused four-digit numeric ids to be display incorrectly
  • Improvements to the HydrateResSim Interface