LogPlot in the Petroleum Industry

LogPlot 8 is a flexible well log software tool that is commonly used in petroleum, mud log and geophysical industries.

LogPlot 8 can be installed on a laptop so it can be used on-site for well logging. The user can create a large number of well logs with little experience in a short amount of time. Use curves to display GPR, gamma ray, resistivity, sonic, LAS and other point data. Use the well construction tool to display single or multiple wells. Create your own template, use one that is provided, or have RockWare custom design a template for you.

LogPlot 8 has several major improvements for our clients in the petroleum industry for displaying their well logs. LogPlot gives you the tools needed to design your well logs to easily display reservoir attributes.

RockWare Software: LogPlot
LogPlot log displaying oil and gas related well data

New LogPlot 8 features for the oil and gas industry:

  • Curve, Bar Graph, and Cross Plot Curve columns can be set to be scaled automatically based on the data range. Any linked header/footer legends will be updated accordingly. This is handy for imported data, such as from LAS files.
  • Curve columns can be linked to a user-defined scale table, whereby specific depth range(s) can have a different minimum-maximum (left-right or right-left) scale.
  • The LAS import tool offers resampling of the curve data
  • Raster exports (TIFF, PNG, etc.) of the entire log as a single page. Very handy if you need to import a raster image into another software program or print to a long PDF.
  • Edit and Static text offer left, center, right, top, and bottom alignment, with transparent or opaque backgrounds.
  • A new and improved Log Design interface
  • The Project Manager
    • Manage your data, design and plot files
    • Display, open, and compile any RockWorks SQLite borehole data
    • Import RockWorks lithology
    • Compile multiple data files at once
RockWare Software: LogPlot
LogPlot Mudlog