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RW17: Problem with striplog placement on P-Data Section with dense section polyline

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A customer submitted a support issue for his RockWorks17 project, in which he was trying to create a Section diagram through his solid model with striplogs included. He had imported a very detailed polyline into the XY Coordinate Table - LOTS of vertices - to serve as the section trace.  In the output diagram, at about a third of the way along the cross section, the logs started 'stacking up' at one location, resulting in the P-Data panels to the right displaying ok, but with no logs.


The problem was best solved by using the P-Data | Projected Section diagram, in which the logs are not restricted to plot at panel edges; they are projected perpendicularly onto the panels instead. This is actually what the Projected Section diagrams were designed for - to eliminate the need to draw hole-to-hole section traces when the desired section polyline runs along a roadway, pipe, or similar, and those locations (typically imported into the RockWorks database) might be quite detailed.


The problem was also solved for regular Sections by turning on the Snap feature in the Section Selection Map window before importing the section vertices. This pre-processes the section polyline such that logs can be assigned to panel junctions without confusion.


Molly M

RockWare Inc

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