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  3. Printer for LogPlots

    There are many printers that capacity to print of longest lent of papers or continues the length of papers. Epson Stylus Color printer has more capacity to print long paper size because of it has large ink cartridges. Ricoh printer support is very expert in mange cartridges problem or issues when it long run happens
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  5. Excel import window not displaying correctly

    Oh boy! Thanks, Tom. Yet another one of those pesky senior moments!
  6. Excel import window not displaying correctly

    Hi Charlie, Specify the Excel file name and the program will display the Excel sheets and columns and the corresponding RockWorks table names and fields. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  7. All, This occurred on my machine today (screenshot attached), running W10 Home (64-bit) with the latest updates both to the OS and RW17. The window for importing Excel files, either as multiple tables or as single tables, is not showing the full array of tabs, menus, options, etc. The import windows for other formats are displaying correctly. I just re-installed the latest version of RW17 this morning thinking corrupt file(s) somewhere, but behavior still manifests. Any ideas? Also, probably not remotely related, but running a database integrity check told me my bitmap file name field was too long and was being shortened from some huge number (like 32,***) to the standard 80 character length. Thanks much, Charlie
  8. Export to MODFLOW

    Dear Alison, thanks for following up my post, great news! I am so excited to try that new feature in the coming versions of Rockworks. I'll appreciate to have any further information about it. Sincerely, Rudy
  9. Export to MODFLOW

    Dear Rudyabo, Thank you for your input, we are currently working on some tools that will allow both RockWorks RwGrd files and block models (representing lithology, permeability, etc) to be imported into the Groundwater Vistas MODFLOW interface. If you are interested in learning more about these, feel free to contact me and I will send you additional information (we are currently working on a case study covering these tools). Best Regards, Alison Alison @ RockWare.com
  10. Export to MODFLOW

    Dear Rockworks Developers, In some cases, a lithological model can replicate complex geology and aquifer heterogenities better than stratigraphic models. Rockworks is already integrated with an attractive tool requiers more attention and effort for further development. As already known, Rockworks are being used by hydrogeologists for decades, helping by interpreting and modeling their hydrochemical and hydrological data, thus, it would be great to see type of link or coupling between Rockworks and available groundwater modeling GUI (e.g. Aquaveo GMS, GW Vistas, Visual Modflow..). So far, the Export - Modflow function utilize a .Dis dimesnion file to export different zones of each specified G Value, but constructing a conceptual model requers thicking about different way to do that.. So it would be so great to make it possible to export a lithological model into another Modflow format (e.g. .NAM, .IN ...etc). thanks for your consideration
  11. RockWorks 16 - Lithology Units Crossing

    Hi P Venkat, It sounds like you are modeling lithology in the Stratigraphy table which produces 2D grid surfaces for each unit. In Stratigraphy, if a unit is absent in a borehole, the program has no data in that borehole to control the surface. To work around the problem, add a zero-thickness occurrence in that borehole to help RockWorks toe down that unit in that borehole. Another option is to model the lithology in the Lithology table and menu to create a 3D solid model for the lithology units. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  12. Hiiii Myselt Mr. P. Venkat and I am working on Rockworks 16 to create lithology sections and fence diagrams. When I am creating lithology sections for different geology (Lithology like weathered granite gneiss, semi weathered khondalite, clay and hard charnockite etc.,) I am facing a problem of crossing lithology with high thickness values(Semi weathered granite gneiss) over low thickness lithology(weathered khondalite) even it is not present at other location. Please give me your suggestions to solve my problem.. With Regards.. P. Venkat Research Scholar Dept of Geophysics Andhra University
  13. We have rolled back the official release of RockWorks 17 to the April 2018 Build, Revision 2018.4.30 due to the following issues: Triangulation gridding hangs and does not complete. Font size for some program elements is very small with the Windows 10 April Update. Display Settings Scaling greater than 100% Fix Fuzzy Apps turned on. To resolve the problem, download the April build from the RockWare web site, and run the installation program without uninstalling the May build. Download the 64-bit version of the April build. or Download the 32-bit version of the April build. We'll keep you posted as fixes become available. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  14. LogPlot 8 2018.5.31

    The May builds of LogPlot8 Revision 2018.5.31 (32-bit and 64-bit) were released with the following changes: Enhancements: + The LogView now has a Go To Page (Ctrl+G) option. Fixes: + In the Data Sheet you no longer get an Access Violation attempting to type right after inserting new rows. + Fixed problem saving data to RockWorks when Options dialog was turned off. + Fixed problem turning the Options dialog back on. For a complete list of the recent changes, please visit: https://www.rockware.com/rockworks/revisions/current_logplot_revisions.htm To download this build, use the Help | Check for Updates menu inside LogPlot8. Or visit the LogPlot Free Trial tab (https://www.rockware.com/product/logplot/#tab-product_inquire_form_1494_tab) where you can download the installation program and install the new build right over the top of the existing program. (DO NOT UNINSTALL first.) Note that you will not be able to use this new build of the program if your maintenance has expired. Contact RockWare Sales or visit our new Customer Portal (https://www.rockware.com/customer) and either create a new account (new visitors) or log in with your existing account if you would like to update your maintenance. Regards, Tom Bresnahan RockWare Inc
  15. The May 2018 version of RockWorks17 (64- and 32-bit) Revision 2018.5.31 is being released with the following changes: New Features: + RockPlot2D exports Profiles to RockPlot3D as vertical panels. + Dogleg Severity and GridX (horizontal distance from KB x) and GridY (horizontal distance from KB y) have been added to the Borehole Survey Report. + Utilities Map | EZMap 3D creates a 3D Delaunay Triangle Network and displays color contours based on a XYZG Value for display in RockPlot3D. (Can be slow with large data sets.) + Deviated and Inclined boreholes can now be plotted in TVD (True Vertical Depth) in 2D Logs, Sections and Projected Sections. + Vertical Images to Polylines and Vertical Image To Polyline programs have been added to the Utilities / Imagery menu. It takes a raster image and splits it to the segments of a polyline (RwDat). Improvements: + The Transfer between the Borehole Manager and the Utilities datasheet will use feet/meters for projection units (SPC, UTM, Local) instead of 0 and 1. + Users can now select a specific aquifer to plot in 2D striplogs. Fixes: + I-Data Striplog colors didn't match the model colors for the same value when using a color table. For a detailed summary of RockWorks updates, please refer to the Revision List: http://www.rockware.com/rockworks/revisions/index.html To download this build, use the Help | Check for Updates menu inside RockWorks17. Or visit our website and click on the RockWorks Free Trial tab: https://www.rockware.com/product/rockworks/#product_inquire_form_1494_tab where you can download the installation program and install the new build right over the top of the existing program. (Do NOT uninstall first.) Note: You will not be able to use this new build of the program if your maintenance has expired. Contact RockWare Sales or visit our Customer Portal (https://www.rockware.com/customer/index.php) if you would like to update your maintenance. Regards, Tom Bresnahan RockWare Inc
  16. PetraSim System Requirements

    Hi, I’m about to purchase a computer to run the PetraSim. Since it has been 12 years from the above answer, so I am wondering if this answer is still valid. Thank you.
  17. Hi Mr. Tom; Thank you very much for kind help and reply, for your asking please find attached polygon below.
  18. Need help to create a 2D striplog section

    Hi asif, To change the column width of each data type, view the options in the 2D Striplog Designer for that type. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  19. Hi ezaldeen, I cannot find the attached file. Please post it again. The jagged edges are the result of the triangles used to show the contour color fills. Turn off the color fills or draw a white rectangle to cover the jagged edges. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  20. Need help to create a 2D striplog section

    wow.. It works. Thank you so much. Now, by any chance is there any horizontal stretch like this. Because I need to increase my column width too.
  21. Need help to create a 2D striplog section

    Hi Asif, If your cross section is very long and the boreholes very shallow you will need to apply vertical stretch to the diagram so that it does not look so flat. (By default it displays sections at 1:1.) Click the Perimeter Annotation Options "Options" button and enter a value into the Intended Vertical Exaggeration prompt. If you enter "5" for example then the vertical axis will be stretched by a factor of 5. Click OK to close the Options window, and re-Process the section. By setting this before the diagram is generated, RW will be better able to scale the diagram annotation, fonts, etc. when the vertical stretch is applied. You can refer to the Help topic: https://help.rockware.com/rockworks17/WebHelp/striplog_perim.htm For further assistance it might be helpful to see your data, you can use the Borehole Manager's File | Archive Database to Text menu option to create a project ZIP file which you can email to support at rockware.com. Molly Mayfield RockWare Inc
  22. I have added the lithology datasheet for all of my boreholes and wanted to create a 2D striplog section. The litholog data was actually collected from auger drilling, so the thickness of the boreholes vary from 1.5 - 2 meters. Now whenever I process my data, the resultant hole to hole section comes out of too small (Indicated by red arrow in attached JPEG file). Is there any way I can modify the scale of the axes to get a presentable log section for my report? (I must confess, I'm a very new user and I need these log sections for my undergrad geoscience project)
  23. Dear all; Kindly, one more issue in respect of polygon map, the shape of outer border of the map is zigzag shape, how I can remove it. Please find attachment for more details. Best regards
  24. Mr. Tom, Thank you very much, well done. Please find attached file
  25. Hi ezaldeen, The settings in the menu on the left specify that the value inside the polygon should be changed to 0, and the values outside the polygon are unchanged. To specify contours inside the polygon, change the Filter Type to Exterior and the New Exterior Value to NULL. You may also want to change the Output (Grid) Model name from Undefined_out... to a more meaningful name. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  26. Thank you very much for kind helping, the polygon has been successfully created, but other issue I'm searching solution for Polygon clip, where I'm looking to display contour lines inside the polygon, but I observed the contour displayed out of the polygon. Please find the attachment for more details. Thank you again all for kind support & helping Polygon clip issue.docx
  27. If your lithology types are numeric values, you can create a solid model. In the Utilities datasheet, each lithology value requires an X, Y, an Z value where X and Y are easting and northing, and Z is elevation. Normally, lithology is modeled in the Borehole Manager, where the Location table defines the borehole name. XY location, and elevation. The Lithology table associated with each borehole has the Depth-To-Top, Depth-To-Base, and Lithology name. RockWorks converts the depths to elevations based on the elevation of the borehole. The Lithology Types table defines the Lithology Names and corresponding numeric G-values, patterns, colors, and other information. You are welcome to send your data file and I'll take a look. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  28. Thank you very much for kind reply, G-value refer to lithology type, but how I can define it in the datasheet in term of data and the her heading .
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