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  1. Also, I am using High-Fidelity.\ Thanks.
  2. I am trying to create a lead plume with my I-data, but I am finding that I can not get a solid that incorporates my min and max value. I have a lead value of 14000, but the models max value is 8000. I have tried almost every algorithm. Any suggestions, this is kind of an issue.
  3. Solid Modeling

    Thanks Molly. I was looking for the confirmation for what I was doing was correct.
  4. Solid Modeling

    I am trying to model subsurface Oil Material. The Stratigraphy model does not show a true representation of the data. I have experiance with the program and have learned to manipulate it the best ways to interpolate the data. The one thing I have not learned how to do is - create a type of boolean i-data model showing locations where Oil Material is located based on, is it present, yes or no, rather then on a "G" value. I would like the program then to interpolate the Oil Material based on the yes or no intervals. Am I missing something simple? or am I trying to do something that cant be done? What I have done is assigned the Oil Material a 1 "G" value and a 0 to the intervals it is not present. From experiance would this be correct in saying anything interpolated over .5 would be my Oil Material model. Thanks for your future input.
  5. Interpolation Past Boundary

    Does anyone know what might be causeing this? I have a polygon boundary set....as shown in picture.
  6. Model Boundary Clipping and Extents

    I have achieved the output I was looking for, except for one issue. When creating the solid diagram in Rockplot3D I have noticed that when I chose the Isosurface option the sidewalls of the solid diagram are one solid color and not an isosurface that it shows in the "All Voxel" option. Is there something I should be doing. I have attached a screen shot. I also have lines that are showing up outside of my polygon clip, not sure how to remove those, although that is not that important. Also, when setting my project dimensions, I am getting confused. I am creating an I-data model. I have X,Y,Z data and then I have my Interval data. My Z data is my ground surface elevation. So when setting my project dimensions do I have to take in account that my I-data may extend past the extents of my Z-data? For example, my project dimensions for Z(ground surface) are 6.85(min) to 11.1(max), but i have interval data that goes down to 20' below ground surface. Should i set my min Z to -20? Thanks for the help.
  7. Model Boundary Clipping and Extents

    Molly, You have been very helpful. I will apply your recommendations and I will go from there. I am sure I might have some more questions, if thats the case I will send over the mdb. Thanks again. Will
  8. Hello Rockworkers, I have been struggling with an issue for a day or two now that I would like to resolve. I have a number of boreholes with I-data concentration values that I would like to model to my site boundary. I have created the necessary .tab file to filter to my polygon boundary. The model that is created is very rigid; is there a way to smooth these or get a true clip of the model? Maybe increase the models resolution? I would also like to extend the model to the extent of the site/model boundary. Is this as easy as setting the project dimensions past the spatial extent of the boreholes and furthermore the site boundary? Thank you Will
  9. I-Data Concentration Grids

    Molly, Thanks for the response. I think I found what I was looking for in your response and with some more research into the program. Will
  10. I-Data Concentration Grids

    I was looking to create grids from the lower z values from I-data at specific g value classifications. The purpose would be to create elevation grids at different contaminant concentrations for excavation volume purposes. The problem that arises is the possibility that there is 2 or more of the same classifications within one bore hole. In this case we would like to use the lowest z of the similar classifications. If anyone knows of a way to do this, or another method that I am overlooking, please let help me out, thanks.
  11. RW 2006 Legends

    Is there a way to create a template for the layout and legend of the Stratigraphy Sections. This is way too time consuming to create new labels, scale bars, and legend for every cross section that I make?