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  1. That worked perfectly. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong before, but the step-by-step instructions did the trick. Thanks so much for the help!
  2. OK, I uploaded the project file (Rockworks - Copy), although it was too large as it was and I had to trim a few RK6 files out. For the record, the upload page does not function using Firefox - I had to use Internet Explorer, which is just not acceptable these days.
  3. Do you want the whole project file or just the MDB file?
  4. Just FYI - I cannot open the project in RW15 either, so it may be possible it is a RW14 project.
  5. While I am sure that this topic is probably addressed somewhere on the forum, I cannot find it with any searches I have done. I am trying to open/import a RockWorks project into RockWorks16, but keep getting the error message: This database is from a previous version of RockWorks. Please create a new RockWorks16 project, basing it on this one. [path is listed here] That is all well and good, but how do I import the data to do this? Once I click OK, I get a message that RW16 cannot open the database and nothing else. I'm sure there must be some way to open projects from prior versions of RockWorks, but the help files do not seem to be very helpful. I did try to use the RW15 to RW16 converter, but that did not transfer any data into the new project. I believe the prior project may have been created in RW15, based on the RK6 files in the project folder. I can open the MDB file in Excel and Access, so I know the data is there, I just need to know how to get it into RW16. Thank you. Tom Ballard
  6. OK, I got it figured out. I was just importing the .key file and that is where I was running into the problems. Thanks for the assistance!
  7. I downloaded the zip file with USCS patterns. Unfortunately, the .key patterns are completely different than those that appear on the PDF that accompanies the USCS pattern files. The USCS_soils.key patterns are non-standard and use some strange patterns more often associated with bedrock, not soil and certainly not the USCS classification. The patterns and colors that show up on the USCS_soils.pdf are more standard and I would like to be able to use them if possible. Short of re-creating the patterns and colors that are in the PDF, is there any way you can share with us the .key file for those colors and patterns? It looks like someone has already created the patterns and colors in RockWorks - it is just a matter of finding where that file is. It would be really useful for us to have that particular .key file and not have to re-create it from scratch, if possible. Thanks for your assistance. Tom Ballard
  8. tballard

    Vista version

    OK, it looks like for some reason, on my computer or version of Vista, RW14 is not doing a complete install. Going to the Rockworks 14 folder in your Documents directory and then deleting the System folder, followed by starting up RW14 again appears to solve the problem. Thanks to Kate in technical support for solving the problem!
  9. tballard

    Vista version

    I'll have to call technical support since it now needs a re-install code, but I appreciate the information that it should run on Vista Home Premium. The issue may be 32-bit vs 64-bit, I'm thinking.
  10. tballard

    Vista version

    I just got a new computer to replace one that died and it came with Windows Vista Home Premium installed. I could not find one with Vista Business, unfortunately. I downloaded the current version of RockWorks 14 and installed it but get a "RockWorks 14 has stopped working" error with the following text: "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program an notify you if a solution is available." The only option is a "Close program" button which then terminates RockWorks. This happens every time I try to run the program. I have RW14 installed on a laptop with Vista Business and it runs fine. Does RW14 require Vista Business or above to work correctly, or am I experiencing some other sort of error here? I've searched the forums here and could not find any reference to this issue. Thanks for any assistance! Tom Ballard
  11. Thanks, Tom for verifying that it is not just me. I will follow your suggestions and hope that GammaDesign is more responsive to you than they have been to me. Other than this issue, I find GS+ to be a good program. Tom Ballard
  12. I have had some issues with GS+ concerning printing and exporting scattergrams, however, their technical support seems to be non-existent. I've contacted them via email but was wondering if there is some other method that might be more effective. I've been trying for several weeks to get an answer/solution/work around from them with no luck. My issue is that when I generate a scattergram plot from the variogram, it shows up just fine on the screen, however, when I print or export it, I either get a blank variogram or a cloud plot. I have not been able to predict which, but the blank variogram seems to be more common. I've tried changing what settings I can and have made sure I have the most current version, but with no luck. I am running the program on Windows XP Home - could that make a difference? I've not usually had any problems, although some technical software vendors say they do not support their programs on XP Home, only XP Professional. I've not really had any issues though. Any help would be appreciated since it appears more and more likely that GammaDesign, the producer of GS+, is unlikely to provide support.
  13. Thanks, Larry - I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this difficulty. I was really hoping this issue would be fixed in RW2006, so I was very disappointed when it was not.
  14. Molly: Thanks for the tips. I will try adding the legends after I have displayed the section and see if that helps but, usually, I have some type of stretching or vertical exaggeration to present the cross sections most effectively and that is where everything gets out of whack. The new window for adjusting the legend helps somewhat for adjustment of the parameters that are controllable, but it sure would be nice to have some way to control text size. I have used the legend option in ReportWorks and it looks OK. Also, the ReportWorks legends seem to work best with lithology/stratigraphy, but not very well with things like I or P data - i.e. benzene concentrations.
  15. Producing readable legends in RockWorks has been the single most frustrating feature of the program for me and I was hoping there would be improvement in RW2006. There is, but there still does not appear to be any intuitive way to produce text in the legends that is of readable size and, for the life of me, I have not been able to figure out what the text size is tied to. I've literally spent hours and hours adjusting various legend settings to try to get it so that it is readable and usually without success. Why cannot there be a setting to adjust the text size in the legend? As it is now, the only way I can get an acceptable text size in, say, a lithology legend, is to span the legend almost the full width of the page. To me, that is just not acceptable, as it looks terrible. But neither is it acceptable to turn out cross sections with text so small that it is not readable. I am assuming there is some secret I am missing, but I will be darned if I can find the magic control for text size in legends. Tom Ballard
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