RockWorks20 Revision History
2021/Q1 (1/01/21-3/31/21)
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(131) 03/31/2021/MMM - Upload:

Version 2021.3.31 uploaded to the RockWare website.

(130) 03/30/21/JPR - New Feature:

The Circles option within the Symbol Options sub-menu, now includes an option for plotting circles based on a lookup table (1 & 2) that defines the radii and colors for the control points based on user-specified intervals. The previous Dimensions (4) and Color (5) sub-menus have been grouped into a new tab titled "Independent" (3).

RockWorks Circle Map (Bubble Map) Color and Scaling options

(129) 03/29/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

If you have the Playlist set to NOT load the previously saved file, the Help will still appear.

(128) 03/29/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

Using a table to define Profiles, Sections and Fences, now better traps the case where the table name was left blank.

(127) 03/26/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Borehole Manager | File | Import | Kansas Geological Survey - When a field was labeled "FORMATION_AT_TOTAL_DEPTH" it was being auto-mapped to Total Depth. Since this is usually a name it could not be converted to double and caused an error.

(126) 03/28/2021/JPR - New Feature:

It is now possible to specify the replacement value for nodes that are clipped via the Polygon option within the gridding Options menu.

RockWorks grid polygon filter

(125) 03/27/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The ModOps | Volume | Ore Grid program now includes options for specifying the classification terminology that is used within the Geologic Resource and Economic Reserves reports (e.g. Measured vs. Proven, Probable vs. Indicated).

RockWorks oregrid volume labels

(124) 03/23/2021/JPR - New Feature:

Eleven new symbols have been added to the raster symbol library.

RockWorks raster symbols

(123) 03/23/2021/JPR - Improvement:

The vertical and horizontal filters have been removed from the Highest Probability solid modeling algorithm. Instead, the Cutoff-H (horizontal) and Cutoff-V (vertical) filters within the Special Options now perform the same function.

RockWorks filters modeling cutoff

(122) 03/21/2021/JPR - Cosmetic:

The column titles within the P-Data resampling menu are now properly positioned.

RockWorks PData resample column titles

(121) 03/17/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Custom Colors are remembered more readily between different color drop-downs on the same page and from session to session.

(120) 03/16/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

ModOps - Solid | Statistics | Multiple Solid Statistics - output options added.

(119) 03/16/2021/JPR - Bug Fix:

The Superface filter within the solid modeling submenu now correctly sets the Automatic/Manual buttons.

RockWorks menu solid modeling automatic

(118) 03/15/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

Added Spatial Filter to Borehole Manager / File / Export /
P-data / P-data - All Tracks
I-data / I-data - All Tracks
T-data / T-data - All Tracks (and time filter)

(117) 03/15/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

The Interpolate Outliers option for Lithology Models now is applied.

(116) 03/15/2021/MIW - Enhancement:

The default contour interval in RockPlot3D Iso-Surfaces for Custom Color Tables is now set by the smallest interval in the table.

(115) 03/14/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The names of the grid files used to generate a RockPlot3D surface are now shown within the data "tree" along the left side of the RockPlot3D dialog.

RockWorks Grid 3D Surface menu

(114) 03/11/2021/JPR - Bug Fix:

Spurious 2D contours are no longer drawn within flat regions.

RockWorks Contours 2D drawn

(113) 03/11/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A new option titled "Manual Labeling" has been added to the Peripherals / Color Legend sub-menu. This provides greater control over the labeling within color legends for 2D diagrams. When this option is disabled (the default), the interval labels will correspond to the color contour interval. If there are many intervals, these labels many look obnoxious. The new Manual Labeling option provides a solution. The downside is that the user must know the minimum and the maximum. In practice, this means plotting the diagram without the Manual Labeling, noting the minimum and maximum values, entering the desired values within the Manual Labeling group, and re-plotting the diagram.

RockWorks peripherals color manual Label 2D diagram

(112) 03/11/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A new option for disabling Web Browser error messages has been added to the Setup / Preferences / Warnings menu. Disabling this option will hide error messages relating to Google tag scripting. The default setting is unchecked. The option to enable the error messages exists primarily for debugging purposes.

Rockworks Web Help Options Preferences Error

(111) 03/11/2021/JPR - Bug Fix:

The Interval Type options are now displayed when the Custom option is selected within the Colored Intervals tab.

RockWorks Custom Color Options Interval

(110) 03/10/2021/MIW - Enhancement:

Users can now copy a data object in the RockPlot3D scene and paste it into scene as a duplicate object.

RockWorks 3D Copy Surface

RockWorks 3D Copy Solid Model

RockWorks 3D Copy Cutout Plume

RockWorks 3D Copy Plume Transparent

(109) 03/09/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

New Project, Copy Other files would not maintain its selection as the dialog was returning the wrong value.

(108) 03/09/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Borehole Manager - View | Filter: well construction filter, SQL statement was using wrong field.

(107) 03/08/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A program titled “Paper Solid” has been added to the ModOps / Solid sub-menu. This new program is used to create images that can be cut, folded, and glued to create three-dimensional paper models

RockWorks Solid model paper steps index create

RockWorks Paper solid model settings menu

(106) 03/06/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The color scheme sub-menu that is used for plotting 2D grid contours, 3D grid surfaces, and 3D block models now has options for using the existing lithology and stratigraphy types tables. This solves problems when plotting grids and solids outside of the programs that were used to create them. For example, if a grid was extracted from a lithology solid by using the Solid Layer -> Grid program, the only way to plot the grid using proper colors with the Grid / Display program was by creating a custom color table which was far too cumbersome.

Rockworks Color Scheme Table Lithology Stratigraphy

(105) 03/05/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

Importing Shape files that have polylines with multiple parts into the Utilities Spreadsheet now retrieves the correct record for each point.

(104) 03/04/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Solid Layer -> Grid program now includes options that define the direction of the vertical slices. For example, "Vertical East to West" will create a grid in which the X coordinate increases from the east to the west.

RockWorks solid layer orientation

(103) 03/03/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

Added the option to filter/select boreholes by Well Construction. This could be useful when selecting wells that have Screened intervals, or Monitoring wells.

(102) 03/03/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

When installing a new build of RockWorks the settings for Coordinates / Decimals were being saved from the defaults for the screen controls before they were read from the ini file. The early saving has been circumvented, the screen control's defaults changed.

(101) 03/02/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Check Data Integrity, Check Duplicate Data: Parameters for these Queries are now fully specified and will not raise an exception of data type is unknown.

(100) 03/01/2021/JPR - Cosmetic:

The Graphics / 2D Tools / Rescale / Options menu no longer truncates/obscures the Min/Max coordinates and now allows ample space for error messages.

RockWorks Graphics Menu Rescale

(099) 03/01/2021/MIW - Enhancement:

Enhancement: Legends are now included with the Wavefront Obj export in RockPlot3D.

(098) 03/01/2021/JPR - Cosmetic:

The vertical axes within the preview cartoon that is displayed within the section and profile Annotation sub-menu are now independently displayed and hidden based on the Left Axis and Right Axis checkbox settings.

RockWorks vertical Axes Axis labels

(097) 02/28/2021/JPR - Cosmetic:

Non-applicable options are no longer displayed within the Special Options sub-menu based on the currently selected algorithm within the Algorithm sub-menu as defined by the the table shown below.

RockWorks special Options Menu

(096) 02/28/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Add Points option that was available within RockWorks17 has been reinstated with an improvement whereby changes within the Datasheet column titles are dynamically shown within the Add Points sub-menu. The ability to add points is useful when; (1) surface samples are use to augment downhole sampling, and (2) “professional judgement” points are used to constrain or bias the modeling. The example shown below depicts a model (C) created with downhole data (A) and another model (D) created with both downhole data (A) and points defined within the Datasheet (B).

RockWorks datasheet titles points

(095) 02/28/2021/JPR - Cosmetic:

The Special Options / Polygon option has been renamed to “PolyClip”.

(094) 02/28/2021/JPR - Bug Fix:

The 3D Symbols program no longer generates an error message if the symbol dimensions or colors are proportionally scaled based on a g-value in which all of the points have the same g-value.

(093) 02/26/2021/JCJ - New Feature:

Datasheet - File | Imports will allow the user to save the Datasheet file with a manually set name, an automatically generated name or not save it and leave the datasheet untitled.

(092) 02/25/2021/JPR - New Feature:

Options have been added for saving and retrieving the configuration of the Multi-Range Color Table Maker.

RockWorks Color Table Range

(091) 02/24/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A new optional parameter titled "OPACITY:" can now be used to adjust the opacities of any objects that are defined after the opacity has been set. This new parameter is followed by an integer ranging from zero (transparent) to 100 (opaque). In the example shown below, the opacity was set to 50 (i.e. "OPACITY: 50") before the buildings were plotted and 10% (i.e. "OPACITY: 10") before the underground pipes were defined. The OPACITY parameter only applies to 3D infrastructure diagrams and the default is set to 100%.

RockWorks Opacity Infrastructure 3D diagram

(090) 02/24/2021/JPR - Bug Fix:

3D Infrastructure no longer generates an "Unable to locate grid file." error message when used within a Playlist.

RockWorks error Infrastructure Grid

(089) 02/23/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Problem: Datasheet - File | Import | Excel + Scan Dimensions = Access Violation. Solution: As part of the finalization of the Import menu, Scan Datasheet menu was called which confused parts of the original import menu, specially if the History window was not docked in the main form. So basically opening a menu within a menu. History gets moved inside the Import menu when it runs and then inside the Scan Datasheet menu when it runs - but was getting messed up trying to return History to the first menu, then to its original location. Instead of getting back to its original position, it was being freed and then any message being sent to the History window had no place to go and caused the Access Violation error. In addition, if the History window is not showing when RockWorks is started it will now be forced to be shown and docked in RockWorks.

(088) 02/22/2021/JPR - Enhancement:

The lithologic modeling now "gracefully" aborts if the filtering or project dimensions are configured in such a way as to eliminate all control points.

(087) 02/22/2021/JCJ - Enhancement:

Setup - Preferences | User Interface: User may turn off Show Hints separately from the Abstracts.

(086) 02/21/2021/JPR - Bug Fix:

The Inverse-Distance-Weighting Isotropic algorithm can now model negative values. This is especially useful when the new Polyenhancement option is being used because the negative residuals are now included within the interpolation. The IDW Isotropic examples within the diagrams below (based on the downhole Benzene and Lead data within the Samples dataset) show how the polyenhancement can be used to limit and bias the model to the overall three-dimensional trend of the contamination.

RockWorks Algorithm Negative Value Modeling

(085) 02/19/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Borehole Manager | Import | Database and AGS imports - The Next and Previous Pop-Up buttons now properly show the list of pages and will select the correct page to work on.

(084) 02/16/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

RockPlot3D descending value continuous Color Legends now plot the values correctly if the interval is different for the colors and titles.

(083) 02/16/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

You may now sort by date within the datasheet. Data in the column that cannot be converted to a date will cause that row to be sorted to the bottom.

(082) 02/16/2021/JPR - New Features:

The following changes have been made to the Infrastructure input files that are used when adding infrastructure objects to 3D diagrams, 2D maps, profiles, sections, and projected sections.

(081) 02/16/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Numerous fixes to the Delete key handling. Delete when editing a single cell in the datasheet, menus with a file edit will let you delete characters with the Delete key.

(080) 02/16/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

If a person was set to use local help and they downloaded the latest version of RockWorks, it will now unpack correctly. RockWorks was try to report its progress before the progress dialog was ready and therefore caused an Access violation. (Help archive was updated on 1/27/21)

(079) 02/15/2021/MIW - Enhancement:

The column and interval outlines in 2D Borehole Logs are now plotted beneath the text to make it easier to select and move the text.

(078) 02/15/2021/MIW - New Feature:

An option to reuse an existing RockPlot3D window has been added to the Save tab of the Output 3D form. This maintains the current view. This option will be ignored when diagrams are generated from the Playlist.

(077) 02/12/2021/MIW - Enhancement:

RockPlot3D now stores and uses relative file paths for images.

(076) 02/10/2021/MIW - Enhancement:

Users can now specify a title for the 3D Color Legend.

(075) 02/10/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Borehole Manager - File | Backup Database: if Quickmap is active then an Access Violation error is no longer raised.

(074) 02/09/2021/MMM - Upload:

Version 2021.2.9 was uploaded to the RockWare website. If you are current on your maintenance and install this update, the program title will read RockWorks2021 for the new year.

Important Note: Projects you have worked with in the 2020.11.30 build and older may open into today's build with a few incorrect program settings. It's a long story but is based the fact that these items were listed twice in the project settings file. These items are:

You can go into the menus to adjust their setting(s) to the desired state and they'll be remembered from then on. Or you can run the Borehole Manager's File | Check Data Integrity option, turning on the Check Project INI For Duplicate Entries option. (For the purposes of fixing the settings, you can turn off the other options check-data options.) When run, it will set the variables to their previous state and remove the duplicate entries.

(073) 02/09/2021/JPR - New Feature:

Clicking on the Palette option within the Custom Color Table editor will now display a pull-down menu with two options: Single-Range and Multi-Range. The Single-Range option is identical to the previous Palette menu. The new Multi-Range option will display a menu in which up to 10 separate ranges can be added for greater flexibility with minimal input.

RockWorks Color Palette custom table

(072) 02/08/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Solid | Math | Solid Math, Null Processing now works correctly.

(071) 02/08/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

Boreholes with a single stratigraphic unit having a top but missing a base now plots that unit to the Total Depth if Stratigraphic Rules are enabled.

(070) 02/08/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

Images draped over a grid using Project Dimensions in RockPlot3D now align correctly.

(069) 02/08/2021/JPR - Enhancement:

The Grid Resampling menu has been streamlined by replacing the radio buttons with pull-down lists.

RockWorks resample grid menu

(068) 02/08/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The sub-menu that is used to specify minimum and maximum xy coordinates now has an option to adjust the number of decimal places. This makes it more suitable for both longitude/latitude (e.g., 6 decimal places) as well as UTMs (e.g., 1 decimal place). This sub-menu is used when specifying the US Public Land Survey extents, clipping 2D diagrams, and specifying image dimensions.

Rockworks decimal place coordinates

(067) 02/07/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Symbol Options sub-menu that is used in most of the programs that create 2D maps now includes options for plotting the I-Data within a text box adjacent to the borehole symbols.

RockWorks Symbol plotting text

(066) 02/06/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A new option titled “Polyenhance” has been added to the list of solid modeling options. Polyenhancement fits a polynomial equation to the XYZG input data and creates a solid based on g-values that are predicted by the equation. The residuals (differences between the control point observed g-values and the predicted g-values) are then modeled using the selected algorithm (e.g., kriging). The residuals model is then added to the trend model to produce a model that biases and truncates the selected algorithm to the trend.

RockWorks polyenhance equation model algorithm bias

(065) 02/06/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A new algorithm titled “Trend Residuals” has been added to the list of available solid modeling algorithms. This interpolation method best-fits first through third order polynomial equations to the observed data. These polynomial equations are then used to subtract the predicted g-values from the observed control point g-values in order to determine the “residuals”. These residuals are then used to create a solid model using the IDW (Inverse Distance Weighted) algorithm. The purpose of a residuals model is to identify bad data (data that if off-trend), anomalies, and to establish the overall quality of the trend polynomial.

RockWorks polynomial equations residuals modeling

(064) 02/06/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A new algorithm titled “Trend Polynomial” has been added to the list of available solid modeling algorithms. This interpolation method best-fits first through third order polynomial equations to the observed data. These polynomial equations are then used to define predicted g-values for the solid model voxel nodes. 3D polynomial trend modeling is described in greater detail within the 3D Polynomial Trend Modeling documentation below.

RockWorks Polynomial Trend Solid Modeling

(063) 02/05/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

RockPlot3D Offsets are now honored in DXF and Wavefront Obj Exports.

(062) 02/05/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Creating a 2D map, section, or diagram using the menus, now the windows will show their map or diagram without having to click on or resize them.

(061) 02/05/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

If you have a borehole with a TD set to 0 (or negative) and you had warning on, the error dialog no long raises an exception on choosing OK (Plotting Logs).

(060) 02/05/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

Vertical Boreholes will now plot the 0 depth on the Depth Bar at the ground surface.

(059) 02/05/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Exporting borehole 'multiple tables' data from a SQL Server database to a Text file or Excel file no longer raises an "Connection is busy with results for another hstmt" error.

(058) 02/03/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

RockWorks now uses the materials types table (order value) to help define drawing order. In the case of a tie (same depth) then it will default to the lowest 'order' value they were assigned in the materials types table.

(057) 02/03/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

Added an option to select 'Any' in the Lithology and Stratigraphy items, for View | Filter and View | Select Boreholes. By selecting this option under the Lithology item for example, all boreholes that have ANY populated lithologic data could be enabled. This would be useful to identify a potential cross section transect that only intercepts borings with that data type.

(056) 02/03/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

Draping Raster images over a grid has been fixed for any density of grid. No offset from wellbores in any quadrant of the map.

(055) 02/02/2021/JCJ - Enhancement:

Imports into the Datasheet automatically assigns the input filename as the Datasheet filename (with .rwDat extension). If this filename already exists in the folder the user will be prompted for a new name.

(054) 02/02/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Importing from a text file, when the file has no header, no longer takes the first row as a title. The first row will appear as the first row in the Datasheet.

(053) 02/02/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

ModOps - Solid | Logic | Mass Calc: Missing parameter for density conversion has been added.

(052) 02/02/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

The Null Value edit will now accept exponential notation and if you delete the value (and leave the edit) it will show the RockWorks Null value -1.0E+27 for ModOps - Solid | Filters | Tunnel Clipping and ModOps - Solid | Filters | Borehole Clipping.

(051) 02/01/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

De-duping the INI file process will now take first setting to be consistent with the previous versions of RockWorks.

(050) 02/01/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Fix: Borehole Manager - File | Export | I-Data | Single Track, Highest and Lowest concentration options: The Depth-1, Depth-2, Depth-3, X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2 were all from the first interval. Only the X-Mid, Y-Mid, Z-Mid and G Value were reflecting the Highest and Lowest Value found.

(049) 02/01/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Fix: copy and paste two or three items in the playlist, the item will not split up the original items.

(048) 02/01/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Playlist windows will show their map or diagram without having to click on or resize them.

(047) 02/01/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Graphics - 2D Tools|Export|PDF|Single/Multiple, can add to Playlist with the Add to Playlist button.

(046) 02/01/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

Draped images in RockPlot3D now clip the image when the image location is larger than the grid it's draped on.

(045) 01/29/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

Extract Grid from Solid now uses the correct orietation.

(044) 01/29/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

Block labels in point maps now work when the last label isn't selected.

(043) 01/28/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Stratigraphy | Section | Linear was creating panels where the borehole on the left side of the panel was referenced to the elevation or collar elevation but the right side was always referenced to the collar elevation.

(042) 01/28/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Datasheet Cut, Copy, Paste, delete working again, including their shortcuts. Hitting the delete key in the datasheet nor playlist causes a "Cannot focus disabled window" error.

(041) 01/25/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The solid modeling Special Options / Faulted sub-menu now includes options for defining the G-values that are assigned to faulted voxels. Without assigning g-values to fault nodes, voxels may "bleed" beyond the fault boundaries (Example A). If the faulted voxels are set to null, there will be empty gaps, depending on the voxel dimensions, adjacent to the faults (Example A and D). If the faulted voxels are set to zero, the contours will be truncated and rounded adjacent to the faulted voxels (Example E) also depending upon the voxel dimensions.

RockWorks Solid Modeling Fault

(040) 01/25/2021/MIW - New Feature:

A raster symbols graphic type has been added to RockPlot2D. Exports to DXF will plot raster symbols as circles. Exports of raster symbols to Shape and MapInfo will plot as points.

(039) 01/25/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Vertical Axis Annotation sub-menu now includes a checkbox labeled "Right Axis Annotation Identical to Left Axis". If checked, the "Copy these settings to the Right Axis" button within the Left Axis group will be disabled as well as all the items within the Right Axis group except for the main Right Axis checkbox.

RockWorks Axis Annotation

(038) 01/24/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A new program titled “Solid Math” has been added to the ModOps / Solid / Math sub-menu.

Rockworks Model Solid Math Menu

This program replaces the Solid & Constant and Solid & Solid programs which have been moved to the new Utilities / Misc. / Obsolete Programs sub-menu. These programs have been retained in order to guarantee backwards-compatibility with older versions of RockWorks Playlists.

RockWorks Model Solid Math Program

(037) 01/24/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A new program titled “Grid Math” has been added to the ModOps / Grid / Math sub-menu.

RockWorks Model Operation Grid Math

This program replaces the Grid & Constant, Grid & Grid, Add Multiple Grids, Multiply Multiple Grids, Absolute Grid, and Grid Sieve programs which have been moved to the new Utilities / Misc. / Obsolete Programs sub-menu. These programs have been retained in order to guarantee backwards-compatibility with older versions of RockWorks Playlists.

RockWorks Model Operation Grid Program

The new Grid Math program provides a tool for performing multiple operations with grids and constants within a single menu.

RockWorks Grid Math Menu

Notable items in new Grid Math Program include the following:

  1. The Type of Operation drop-down menu includes options for model & model, model & constant, model averaging, model differencing, highest-value computations, lowest-value computations, and Boolean logic.
  2. RockWorks Model Operation Types

  3. The menu options expand to allow up to 10 operations in which each operation acts upon the results from the previous operation. For example, the steps shown will add the Mercury and the Lead grids. The result will then be added to the Mg grid. The results of this operation will be added to the Gold grid. Finally, these results will be divided by 3.
  4. Rockworks operation steps math

  5. The Null Process options determine how the program will handle null values (-1.0e27) within the input and the output grids.
  6. RockWorks Null Processing

(036) 01/21/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

RockWorks 20 and LogPlot 8 installers now include the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio. Visual C++ Redistributable Packages installs runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries on a computer that does not have Visual C++ installed. The libraries are required to run applications that are developed by using the corresponding version of Visual C++. Although RockWorks 20 and LogPlot 8 are not written in C++ we use third party libraries that are written in C++. For instance some of the powerful imaging in our products is assisted with the Envision Image Library which interns makes use of the open source FreeImage library to support popular graphics image formats like PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and others. The FreeImage library relies on some files from the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

(035) 01/19/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Solid & G-Value Cutoffs -> Geobody (Continuity) Solid program now includes options for specifying the cutoff volumes in terms of the project units (e.g., cubic meters) and displaying a notification if none of the geobodies exceed the threshold.

Solid and G-Value Cutoffs to Geobody Solid Program

(034) 01/19/2021/JPR - Bug Fix:

The ModOps / Solid / Extract Grids / Solid --> Total Ore Grid now accommodates solids that have null values.

(033) 01/15/2021/MIW - Improvement:

Grids displayed in RockPlot3D with color filled contours using a table no longer show empty spaces at the minimum value.

(032) 01/15/2021/MIW - Improvement:

The Delete key now works on blocks of cells in the Utilities Datasheet.

(031) 01/14/21/JCJ - Bug Fix:

ModOps - Grid | Drape grid, works with Custom Color Tables, honors assigned table name.

(030) 01/14/21/JCJ - Bug Fix:

ModOps - Grid | Drape Grid playlist item, double click now brings up the correct menu (and does not try to change the project).

(029) 01/14/21/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Borehole Operations - Lithology | Multi-variate Map will now honor the Use Existing Model Option.

(028) 01/14/21/JCJ - Improvement:

Borehole Manager - Edit | Adjust Elevations from Grid, a 3rd option "Do not adjust Collar Elevations based on Surface grid" was added.

(027) 01/14/21/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Datasheet - File | Import | Excel, CSV and Text was freezing or reported a pointer error when defining column types and units.

(026) 01/11/2021/JPR - Improvement:

The maximum Vertical Exaggeration within the 3D diagram Export menu has been changed from 10 to 9999.

Set Maximum Vertical Exaggeration

(025) 01/10/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A new option titled "Vertical Offset" has been added to the Endpoint Labeling for profiles and sections. This new setting (default=0), allows for "fine-tuning" the endpoint label positions.

RockWorks endpoint labeling vertical offset

(024) 01/08/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Utilities | Maps | Lineations/Arrows program now includes color options for the endpoint labels.

(023) 01/08/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Vertical Axis Annotation sub-menu within the Profile and Section menus now include buttons for copying the settings from the left axis to the right axis and vice-versa. This provides a means to quickly duplicate the axes if they are to be identical. In addition, if either axis is disabled, all of the sub-options are now dimmed.

RockWorks cross section axis annotation settings

(022) 01/07/2021/JPR - New Feature:

A new program titled "Solid & Grid" has been added to the ModOps | Solid | Math sub-menu. This program is used to perform mathematical operations on a solid model based on corresponding grid values. In the sand extraction example shown below, an acceptable sand percent solid is multiplied by a boolean grid representing acceptable overburden thickness in order to produce a new model in which the sand overlain by an unacceptable thickness of overburden has been removed.

RockWorks solid model and grid math

(021) 01/07/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Borehole Manager | Edit | Adjust Elevations From Grid program now provides an option for setting the collar elevation to the new ground surface elevation.

RockWorks Adjust elevations from grid

(020) 01/06/2021/MIW - Bug Fix:

Running a command script (RwCmd) from the command line or Windows File Explorer no longer causes RockWorks to load without any docked forms. In addition the command script will now be processed automatically.

(019) 01/06/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

The Grid Statistics Report the second column is aligned with the first. When called from the Project Manager it now uses the formatted for readability style.

(018) 01/06/2021/JPR - Cosmetic:

The "Loading" menu that appears when an application menu is being loaded now displays a gauge that shows the loading process. A similar gauge is also displayed within the Playlist when an item is being saved.

(017) 01/05/2021/JPR - Bug Fix:

The Datasheet | Columns | Increment program now allows for a Final Row of 1.

(016) 01/05/2021/JPR - Enhancement:

The Datasheet | Filter | Remove Disabled program is now orders of magnitude faster and the screen doesn't incessantly flicker during the process.

(015) 01/04/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

When selecting a profile or section points the user can have an image as a background to assist in selecting the points. (File | Options | Project Image Options) Was broken now fixed.

(014) 01/04/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

Playlist shows which step is being processed.

(013) 01/04/2021/JCJ - Improvement:

Added new table type "Raster Symbol Range" to Map/Models Tables. Data Dictionary version increased to 37.

(012) 01/04/2021/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Datasheet Ascii and Excel import: editing column definitions, the column units pick list was not being populated when editing previously defined columns.

(011) 01/02/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Point Symbol options sub-menu that is used by many of the RockWorks programs has been redesigned and significantly enhanced. Specifically:

  1. A new suite of options titled raster-based symbol plotting options have been added to plot bitmaps (64x64 pixel BMP files) as symbols.
  2. The “Symbols” option has been split into three separate items to distinguish them from the raster symbol options. Vector-based symbols have been retained for the benefit of exporting 2D diagrams to other formats that may not support embedded raster graphics.
  3. The Circles and Images options have been relocated from the removed Vector Symbols sub-menu to the main list of options because they do not use the vector symbol library.
  4. The Symbol Labels option has been moved into the Symbol Options tab.

RockWorks raster symbol options

Another reason for placing all of these options within the same tab as checkboxes is to make it clear that they can be plotted in combination with each other. In the example shown the multivariate map below, the red vector symbols are scaled in proportion to silver concentrations whereas the yellow raster symbols are scaled in proportion to gold concentrations. This provides a way to geospatially determine if and where the concentrations of the two elements are directly or inversely related.

RockWorks multivariate map relating concentrations using vector and raster symbols

Unlike vector (line-based) symbols, the raster symbols are defined by 64x64 pixel bitmaps that are scaled and centered at the point coordinates. Clicking on the Uniform Raster Symbols menu will present the shown raster symbol selection menu.

RockWorks Raster Symbols displayed centered at point coordinates

(010) 01/02/2021/JPR - New Feature:

Updated Raster Symbols: Raster symbols are more easily distinguishable than vector symbols when superimposed on air photos and satellite images.

RockWorks Raster Symbols overlain on maps and satellite images

(009) 01/02/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The new Uniform Raster Symbols option is used for plotting the same raster symbol at a fixed sized or proportionally scaled based on a designated datasheet column.

(008) 01/02/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The new Column-Based Raster Symbols option is used for plotting raster symbols based on the quantitative values within a designated datasheet column. If desired, the size of the symbols can be scaled in proportion to a different datasheet column thereby creating a multi-variate map.

RockWorks multivariate map with Raster Symbols from datasheet

(007) 01/02/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The new Table-Based Raster Symbols option is used for plotting raster symbols based on the quantitative values within a designated datasheet column and a user-defined lookup table that assigns symbols and their sizes based on a specified range.

RockWorks Raster Symbol Map with Lookup Table

(006) 01/02/2021/JPR - New Feature:

Raster symbol capabilities added to the following programs:

(005) 01/02/2021/JPR - Cosmetic:

A more prominent percent-completed dialog is now displayed during the model filtering process within the ModOps | Solid | Edit - As Block Model program.

RockWorks Edit Solid Model Nodes

(004) 01/02/2021/JPR: - Enhancement:

The ModOps | Solid | Edit - As Block Model program is no longer limited to 100 points when defining the vertices of a replacement polyhedron.

RockWorks edit solid model nodes

(003) 01/01/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Borehole Fractures -> Stereonet program now includes an option for using raster (bitmap) symbols in addition to vector (line-based) symbols. These symbols can be based on the raster symbols assigned to each borehole within the Borehole Manager | Location table or they can be set to a uniform symbol. Note that vector symbols can be plotted on top of raster symbols as shown within the example below.

RockWorks Stereonet Fracture Map Raster Uniform Symbols

(002) 01/01/2021/JPR - Cosmetic:

The Symbol and Symbol Label options have been removed from the Borehole Operations | Fractures | Stereonet Map program menu because they were completely redundant, and inferior to, the options provided by the Map Overlays | Borehole Locations sub-menu.

RockWorks Stereonet Fracture Map Well Symbols

(001) 01/01/2021/JPR - New Feature:

The Borehole Location Map program now includes an option for using raster (bitmap) symbols in addition to vector (line-based) symbols. These symbols can be based on the raster symbols assigned to each borehole within the Borehole Manager / Location table (Figure 1) or they can be set to a uniform symbol (Figure 2). Note that vector symbols can be plotted on top of raster symbols (Figure 3).

RockWorks borehole map raster symbols


NOTE: If you are using a NETWORK license, RockWorks17 v. 2019.9.30 and newer require the RockWare Network License Administrator version 1.09 or newer. Check with your license administrator before installing the RockWorks update. See our forum posting for details.


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