RockWorks/17 Revision History
2019/Q4 (10/01/19-12/31/19)

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WARNING: If you are using a NETWORK license, RockWorks17 v. 2019.9.30 and newer require the RockWare Network License Administrator version 1.09 or newer. Check with your license administrator before installing the update. See our forum posting for details.

(027) Upload (12/30/2019/MMM): Version 2019.12.30 uploaded to the RockWare website.

(026) Bug Fix (12/26/2019/MIW): Anchor Text in RockPlot2D was improperly offset from the surrounding border when the text was long.

(025) Bug Fix (12/26/2019/MIW): The symbol line thickness in Borehole Maps is now honored.

(024) Bug Fix (12/13/2019/MIW): Anchor Text in RockPlot2D was plotting in the wrong location when using high vertical exaggerations and an angle other than horizontal (90).

(023) Enhancement (12/11/2019/MIW): The resolution of RockPlot2D maps to Google Earth has been increased.

(022) Bug Fix (12/11/2019/MIW): Contour Labels in RockPlot2D weren't being drawn in exports to Google Earth.

(021) Bug Fix (12/11/2019/MIW): The Multi-Log map now displays correctly.

(020) Enhancement (12/05/2019/MIW): Users can now specify a margin (in percent) for the Y Axis in Profiles, Projected Sections and Sections. The default is 0 so that these diagrams will appear the same as in previous versions.

(019) Bug Fix (12/04/2019/MIW): The Depthbar conversion for elevations wasn't being saved to the file.

(018) Bug Fix (12/02/1029/JCJ): The "Order By" clause was malformed when exporting I-Data, T-Data or I-Text - All tracks, no filtering

(017) Bug Fix (12/02/2019/JCJ): Setting the Depths datum (from where the depths are measured from Elevation or Collar) was being set after recalculating XYZ data instead of before.

(016) Bug Fix (11/27/2019/MIW): Saved 3D Point objects (e.g. LiDAR points) weren't being saved correctly leading to them not being displayed when reopened.

(015) Bug Fix (11/27/2019/MIW): Replaced a divide by zero error with a message if there are no patterns when opening the Pattern Picker.

(014) Upload (11/26/2019/JCJ): Upload version 2019.11.26 to the RockWare website.

(013) Bug Fix (11/21/2019/MIW): The Color Fill for the Symbol dialog in ReportWorks was on the wrong page.

(012) Bug Fix (11/18/2019/MIW): Very large RockPlot3D files with large amounts of text no longer cause an Access Violation when being saved.

(011) Bug Fix (11/13/2019/MIW): Boreholes with only 1 unit where the Stratigraphic Top is equal to the TD weren't being included in surface grids.

(010) Improvement (11/11/2019/MIW): Improved the placement and resizing of Anchor Text when plotted with vertical exaggerations greater than 1.

(009) Bug Fix (11/8/2019/MIW): Depthbar Elevations in 2D Logs were displaying as 0.0 when loaded from a file.

(008) Bug Fix (11/7/2019/MIW): Refined the placement and drawing of Anchor Text to account for Vertical Exaggeration.

(007) Upload (10/31/2019/MIW): Version 2019.10.31 uploaded to the RockWare website..

(006) Bug Fix (10/28/2019/MIW): In RockPlot3D Continuous Color Legends were drawing the values in the wrong order.

(005) Enhancement (10/17/2019/MIW): Adjusted the positioning of 2D Striplog Anchor Text. Turned off the leader lines.

(004) Bug Fix (10/16/2019/MIW): The Convert Units option in the Striplog2D Depth bar now also converts the elevation if included.

(003) New Feature (10/11/2019/MIW): Added the ability to copy the datagrid results for the Single Well Drawdown. Right click and select Copy All or just use Ctrl+C.

(002) New Feature (10/10/2019/MIW): Anchor Text in RockPlot2D can now be plotted at an angle.

(001) New Feature (10/10/2019/MIW): Anchor Text is now used in 2D Logs and users can specify a border and fill color.


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