RockWorks/17 Revision History
2019/Q2 (04/01/19-06/30/19)

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(012) Upload (4/30/2019/MMM): Revision 2019.4.30 uploaded to the RockWare website

(011) Bug Fix (4/29/2019/MIW): Changing the position of RockPlot3D Slices could cause an Access Violation error.

(010) Bug Fix (4/19/2019/MIW): The Show Label option for Color Table records in RockPlot3D weren't being saved.

(009) Bug Fix (4/17/2019/MIW): The Hydrographs run from the Borehole Manager Aquifer menu were using elevation instead of depths for the water level.

(008) Bug Fix (4/17/2019/MIW): Line widths in RockPlot2D items in ReportWorks diagrams were not being scaled according to the resolution.

(007) Bug Fix (4/15/2019/MIW): Exports from RockPlot2D that required tiling raster images was plotting the images incorrectly.

(006) Bug Fix (4/15/2019/MIW): Line widths in RockPlot2D exports are now scaled correctly.

(005) Bug Fix (4/11/2019/MIW): A routine to resegment polylines in RockPlot2D could cause an infinite loop if the line was very short. This could happen when converting to Google Earth where the output coordinates are in degrees

(004) Bug Fix (4/11/2019/MIW): The Lithology Multivariate Maps no longer omit the last lithology type.

(003) Improvement (4/8/2019/MIW): Modified the way the Pattern Designer window is sized by adding a splitter bar.

(002) Improvement (4/8/2019/MIW): In the Pattern Designer the default size is now smaller for drawn dots and imported circles.

(001) Improvement (4/8/2019/MIW): The Pattern Designer now has margin between the left and bottom of the designer window.


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