RockWorks Revision History
2023 Q3 (07/01/23-9/30/23)
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(065) 09/08/23/MIW - Improvement:

The RockPlot3D toolbar now has 4 buttons that allow the user to select from fixed above view points (SE, SW, NE, NW) without resetting the zoom or translation points.

Learn more by viewing this VIDEO in our online Knowledge Base.

(064) 09/08/23/MIW - Improvement:

A Tolerance option has been added to numerous programs that display a raster image in RockPlot3D. The Tolerance factor expands the range of colors rendered transparent in an image. A tolerance of 0 only limits the transparency to the transparent color. Higher values will include more colors.

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(063) 09/07/23/JPR - Improvement:

The I-Data a P-Data Interval Labeling sub-menus within the 2D striplog designer now include vertical scrollbars if the menus are vertically squished.

(062) 09/06/23/JPR - Cosmetic:

Clicking on the How-To button at the top of the main RockWorks menu will now display two sub-options. The Textual Listing option will display an expanding/collapsing textual topic menu that can be searched. Clicking on the new Graphical Listing will load a large array of annotated thumbnail images into the default web browser. Clicking on one of these image thumbnails (or the textual description below it) will display the associated video, HTML file, PDF file, or image.

RockWorks help knowledge menu

(061) 09/04/23/JPR - New Feature:

A new option titled Include Grid Profile has been added to the Graphics / Images / Vertical / Multiple sub-menu. The Include Grid Profile option is used to add grid-based profiles to the image panels.

RockWorks grid profile images

(060) 09/02/23/JPR - New Feature:

A program titled Grids / Layered Solid has been added to the ModOps / Solid / Create sub-menu. Unlike the Grids / Stratigraphic Solid program, this program does not require a Superface and Subface grid for each layer – just a Superface. Instead, the program starts with the lowest surface (as defined by the order that the grids are listed within the datasheet) and assigns the voxels below that surface and the base of the model (as defined by the Project Dimensions) to the specified G-Value.

(059) 09/02/23/JPR - Improvement:

The following programs have been relocated to the ModOps / Solid / Create sub-menu:

The rationale behind these changes is based on the logic that these programs are used to create a new solid model rather than modifying an existing model.

RockWorks solid create

(058) 09/01/23/MIW - Improvement:

Opening dialogs with tabs now displays the first selected tab. Modified to display the first tab if it doesn't show a radio button or check box.

(057) 08/31/23/JPR - New Feature:

The IDW Layered solid-modeling algorithm will allow the user to specify a manual layer height; in project units or in multiples of the voxel height.

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RockWorks layer solid modeling

(056) 08/29/23/JPR - New Feature:

A new program titled “Gridded XYZ -> Grid” has been added to the ModOps / Grid / Create menu group. This program will create a grid by reading XYZ data from an ASCII text file or the RockWorks Datasheet. The grid will be populated by simply assigning z-values to the closest grid node.

RockWare grid datasheet

(055) 08/28/23/MIW - Improvement:

The Solid Stratigraphy Model volumes, reported based on G-Values, are now calculated correctly.

(054) 08/26/23/JPR - New Feature:

The Histogram programs now include options for plotting two vertical threshold lines at user-specified magnitudes within the diagram.

RockWorks histogram threshold program

(053) 08/24/23/JCJ - Improvement:

Added the color selection button, including the color picker, to the Widgits | Color Convertor | Line editor and symbol editor. When working in the Map/Model tables that have a color field you now can right-click and select a color from a dialog with a color selection button.

(052) 08/23/23/MIW - Improvement:

When you close a playlist the undocked windows no longer redock and this speeds up the closing process.

(051) 08/24/23/JPR - Improvement:

The Borehole Manager / Stratigraphy / Grids -> 3D Strat. Diagram program has been moved to the ModOps / Grid menu because the input does not rely on the borehole database.

RockWorks grid borehole stratigraphy

In the process, the Borehole Operations / Stratigraphy / 3D Exploded Stratigraphy program and the Borehole Operations / Stratigraphy / 3D Stratigraphic Quadrants program have been removed. The functionality of these programs have been incorporated into the ModOps / Grids / Grids -> 3D Strat. Diagram program as shown below.

(050) 08/18/23/MIW - Improvement:

Displaying a Color Legend while creating a Lithology model caused an error message. This has been changed to a warning and the color legend defaults to a Min-Max scheme.

(049) 08/16/23/MIW - Improvement:

A depth filter has been added to the Spatial Filters dialog. This option is ignored by programs not using depth.

(048) 08/14/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

Undocked windows in the Playlist can now be closed without redocking them.

(047) 08/14/23/MIW - Improvement:

The Peripheral dialog now adjusts the position of the splitter bar to make sure the entire dialog is always visible.

(046) 08/12/23/MIW - Improvement:

The Solid Modeling Directional Algorithm works better for groundwater plumes. Added nice features to the Solid Modeling algorithm.

(045) 08/11/23/MIW - Improvement:

Raster and PDF exports of RockPlot2D files can now be created with a specific width and height. The Vertical Exaggeration is calculated based on the calculated scales.

(044) 08/10/23/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Pattern Assistant for Litho, Strat, Aquifer, and Well Construction types - The 'Add' button now works as expected for adding Keywords and Patterns.

(043) 08/10/23/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Automatically cropping the full project's image down to match a subsite no longer rotates the cropped image.

(042) 08/10/23/JCJ - Bug Fix:

The Color Names system table works better with adding systems, assigning names, changing names and filtering on them. A new system is added by adding a color entry (or changing one) with a different number in the Color System field. For instance using the number '3', as the first 2 numbers are the default system and the Munsell colors system.

(041) 08/10/23/JCJ - Improvement:

Under the Add dropdown in the Playlist, an option was added to enable/disable boreholes based on a list.

(040) 08/09/23/JPR - Bug Fix:

The polygon-clipping options are not longer duplicated (and conflicted) with the Stratigraphic modeling menu.

(039) 08/08/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

When working in RockPlot2D and using Text (BlockText) on your display, the 'handles' available on each corner will allow resizing of the text box. This will keep the spacing and paragraph settings. Use the cursor to move the text to prevent overlaying other details.

(038) 08/08/23/MIW - Improvement:

The color selection button used in RockWorks and LogPlot now adds a button that puts the program in eyedropper mode. It captures all screens and allows the user to select a color they want to use. Note the red outline that indicates that you're in selection mode and press any key to cancel selection mode.

(037) 08/04/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

Compiled logs are no longer length restrained by the Lithology Descriptions.

(036) 08/02/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

Logical legends in RockPlot3D now display the text correctly whether in ascending or descending order.

(035) 08/02/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

Changing between OpenGL Hardware and Software settings from the RockPlot3D About dialog now works correctly.

(034) 08/02/23/JPR - New Feature:

The Datasheet / Search / Find & Replace menu now includes an option to replace just the portion of the text that matches the target. If unchecked, the entire contents of the cell will be replaced with the “Target” string.

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(033) 08/01/23/JPR - New Feature:

The correct units are now shown within the following menus if the Project Dimensions are set to a metric system (e.g. UTM – Meters, State Plane – Meters).

RockWare units feet meters solid volume fault

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(032) 08/01/23/JPR - New Feature:

The Envelope option within the solid modeling menu now includes an option to offset the base of the model by a user-specified amount.

RockWare units envelope offset depth

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(031) 08/02/23/MIW - Improvement:

The Anchor Text and Block Text background can now be filled independent of the border, The properties dialogs have been modified to reflect this.

(030) 07/31/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

The Datasheet Block Statistics now ignores rows that are disabled.

(029) 07/31/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

The Multi-Grid Statistics program now displays the Output options tab.

(028) 07/31/23/MIW - Improvement:

An option for a single spoke has been added to 2D and 3D Kriging. It applies a spoke spacing of 360 degrees and a tolerance of 1 degree.

(027) 07/31/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

The ASCII Text Import to the datasheet now skips the correct number of lines.

(026) 07/28/23/MIW - New Feature:

The RockPlot2D start up mode can now be changed from Zoom to Edit mode through the RockPlot2D Options (/File/Options/Startup Mode). This setting is a System level setting that persists through all projects.

(025) 07/26/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

The dialog for resizing a grid to match a solid model with different dimensions has labels on correct sides.

(024) 07/26/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

The "Display Output in Default Viewer" setting for Rw2D Exports to Raster and PDF are now honored.

(023) 07/24/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

Anchor Text in RockPlot2D can now be resized from the handles on the left.

(022) 07/21/23/MIW - New Feature:

Added a color picker (eye dropper) to RockPlot3D that allows you to select a color displayed in a RockPlot3D window.

(021) 07/21/23/MIW - New Feature:

Added a color picker (eye dropper) to RockPlot2D that allows you to select a color displayed in a RockPlot2D window.

(020) 07/18/23/JCJ - Improvement:

You can create an image in the image frame for a subsite as a cropped version of the Full Project's image. The program will crop the full Project image based on the subsite's dimensions relative to the Full Project's dimensions.

(019) 07/17/23/JPR - New Feature:

Three new features have been added to the Pattern Assistant that is available from with the Lithology Types, Stratigraphy Types, Construction Types, and Aquifer Types table editors. Specifically; (1) A new option has been can be used to add enabled terms and patterns to the associated table. (2) An Enable All button will enable all of the keyword/pattern rows. (3) A Disable All button will disable all of the keyword/pattern rows.

RockWorks pattern types talbes keyword

(018) 07/17/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

Using the Scan Data command in a Playlist now updates the Project Dimensions.

(017) 07/17/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

The manual override for scale bar width and interval are no longer ignored.

(016) 07/17/23/JCJ - Improvement:

When digitizing borehole locations in RockPlot2D and exporting them into Borehole Manager, the XYZs are now computed and the user is prompted to update dimensions.

(015) 07/14/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

You can export Rockplot2D Profiles and Sections when Annotation is turned off or on.

(014) 07/14/23/MIW - Improvement:

User can specify separate XY node densities for gridding when selecting Variable - Manual.

(013) 07/12/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

Clearing the Playlist output tabs now locks drawing of 2D and 3D windows to speed up the process.

(012) 07/12/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

The resizing issues in the Peripheral Designer have been fixed.

(011) 07/12/23/MIW - Improvement:

Increased the number of decimals allowed to 10 in the Untilities|Coordinates|Rescale XY Data. Added buttons for common conversion values: Feet to Meters and Meters to Feet.

RockWorks scale xy data utilities

(010) 07/11/23/JPR - Cosmetic:

Twenty-Three of the larger embedded help "essays" have been moved from the RockWorks Info folder onto the RockWare web site. This reduces the size of the installation program and makes for faster maintenance updates. The downside is that these help messages won't appear if there is no internet connection.

(009) 07/11/23/JPR - Cosmetic:

Some of the embedded help messages now have a "Detach" button in the lower-right corner of the help box. If clicked, the help message will be re-drawn within a floating form that can be moved to another screen. When this form is closed, the help contents are re-docked into the menu.

RockWorks help message floating

(008) 07/11/23/JCJ - Improvement:

When a Playlist imports a file and saves it as a datasheet file (rwDat) and that file already exists the user will not be shown the "Save As" dialog, the file will just be overwritten.

(007) 07/10/23/MIW - Bug Fix:

The Image generated by the Peripherals now displays the Y coordinates in the correct positions in the property editor.

(006) 07/10/23/MIW - Improvement:

Pattern Legends in RockPlot2D are now drawn correctly while editing their properties.

(005) 07/10/23/JCJ - Improvement:

The Fence Program better interacts with using a database table for defining fences.

(004) 07/10/23/MIW - Improvement:

Users can now change the sort order for pattern legends in RockPlot2D. If the project table for that legend has changed the legend will also be updated. Older Rw2D files containing pattern legends will first ask the user what kind of legend it is.

(003) 07/07/23/JCJ - New Feature:

You may now selectively delete borehole data from a single borehole, from enabled boreholes, or from all boreholes. The menu item is at the end of the Edit  menu in the Borehole Manager.

(002) 07/04/23/JPR - New Feature:

Introducing the Special Option called Envelope which uses the new resistivity tools for vertical modeling. A big advantage of using the Envelope option is that it’s applied to colored modeling which works well for downhole data.

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(001) 07/03/23/JPR - New Feature:

A new option titled "Automatic" has been added to the IDW Layered algorithm menu. If checked, the Layer Height will be automatically set to twice the average minimum vertical distance between all of the control points.

RockWorks algorithm average vertical distance


NOTE: If you are using a NETWORK license, RockWorks20 v. 2022.5.28 and newer require the RockWare Network License Administrator version 1.17 or newer. Check with your license administrator before installing the RockWorks update.


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