RockWorks20 Revision History
2021/Q2 (4/01/21-6/30/21)
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If you have a RockWorks17 license which was current on maintenance as of May 2020, you should have received an email from us with your RW17 -> RW20xx license upgrade details. Please contact us if you did not receive this email.

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If you are using RockWorks2020 and are current on maintenance, the 4-digit program name will tick up to "RockWorks2021" with the first release of the new year.

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(039) 06/10/21/KD - Upload:

Version 2021.6.10 Uploaded a new version to the RockWare website. This version has the faults turned off in the Samples project to prevent modeling complications. If you are not working in the Samples project folder this is not an important update.

(038) 06/02/21/MMM - Upload:

Version 2021.6.2 uploaded to the RockWare website.

(037) 05/21/21/MIW - Addition:

The Multiple RockPlot2D to PDF Export options now includes Pattern Scaling options.

(036) 05/20/21/MIW - Bug Fix:

The Polygon List --> Grid program no longer offers a Point Map Overlay which could cause error messages.

(035) 05/20/21/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Graphics - Images | Vertical | Single Curved - The EMBED directive was being expanded to include the project path, causing an "EMBED have been moved" error.

(034) 05/19/21/MIW - Bug Fix:

The Grid|Filters Distance Clipping program now uses Clipping Distance as a percent of the 2D Project size.

(033) 05/14/21/MIW - Improvement:

Added a command to the Playlist to reset the project settings to their default values.

(032) 05/14/21/MIW - Improvement:

The Reassign Projection to a RockPlot2D diagram can only be used with a map.

(031) 05/12/21/MIW - Improvement:

Added the ability to specify output in page units for the Graphics | 2D Tools | Export | PDF.

(030) 05/10/21/MIW - Bug Fix:

2D Faults when intersected with a grid are no longer terminated by null values or the border of the grid.

(029) 05/07/21/MIW - Bug Fix:

Added a very small random value to Stratigraphy XY coordinates in order to avoid faults being ignored if the borehole was directly on the middle of a grid cell.

(028) 05/03/21/JCJ - Enhancement:

Added Map Options to the RockPlot2D Shape File Import, so that Borders, Labeled Axes, etc. can be specified directly in the Shape file import.

(027) 05/05/21/MIW - Enhancement:

The 2D Tools Export to PDF now includes the option for Dynamic or Manual Pattern Scaling.

(026) 05/05/21/JPR - New Feature:

The grid and solid math menus now include options for computing the log base 10 and natural logarithms of the node values. This is a useful tool for identifying spatial relationships for data in which the majority of the values are much lower than the highest value. image.png

RockWorks Solid Math Logarithm

(025) 05/03/21/MIW - New Feature:

Layers in RockPlot2D window can now be locked from selecting to make it easier to edit dense diagrams.

(024) 04/29/21/MM - Upload:

The installer for the RockWare 15/16 File Converter has been uploaded to the RockWare website: There is a link for this on the RockWorks Product Updates page: The Help topics are included in the RockWorks webhelp: It is also referenced in the Troubleshooting topic which automatically displays if the user gets the FireDAC error opening an older project using RockWorks:

(023) 04/28/21/JPR - Bug Fix:

The processing of a Playlist is now terminated if the Cancel button has been clicked. The actual termination will not occur until after the active item is finished processing. The "active" item is defined as the item that was being processed when the Cancel button was clicked. In addition, the user will now be asked to confirm the cancellation if the Cancel button is clicked.

RockWorks Playlist Cancel Processing

(022) 04/26/21/MIW - Improvement:

The 2D Contour Label Size is now based on the project dimensions rather than the extent of the contours in order to provide more consistent label sizes.

(021) 04/23/21/MIW - Bug Fix:

Polygon Clipping is no longer applied to automatically generated grids for Subface and Superface Clipping surfaces since it caused Polygon Clipping to fail.

(020) 04/22/21/JPR - New Feature:

An option titled "Apply Custom SQL Query" has been added to the Animate / Solids -> 3D Animation and Solids -> 3D IsoShell Animation / Striplogs / T-Data Only sub-menu. This new option can be used to apply an SQL query (as contained within an ASCII text file) to the database after the T-Data has been filtered for each time interval. This filter has been added for instances in which wells are to be excluded from the animation even though they fall within the selected time interval. Admittedly, this is a very rare occurrence, but if you ever need it, it's there.

RockWorks SQL Query T-Data Custom

(019) 04/21/21/JCJ - Improvement:

The Playlist will create a backup file when saving changes.

(018) 04/21/21/MIW - Bug Fix:

Profiles that cross a fault more than once now show all fault intersections.

RockWorks Fault Faults Crossing Profile Section

(017) 04/18/21/JPR - New Feature:

A new program called "Copy Files" has been added to the Utilities / Misc sub-menu. This program is used to copy a list of files (within the RockWorks Datasheet) to a designated folder. The intent is to provide a means to copy selected files to another folder, computer, server, or FTP site.

RockWorks copy files utilities

(016) 04/18/21/JPR - Improvement:

The maximums for the Font Size and Label Spacing within the Multiple Grids -> Profile program are now virtually unlimited.

RockWorks font spacing grids profile

(015) 04/16/21/MIW - Bug Fix:

Descending Color Legends in Rockplot3D with non equal color and text intervals now plot correctly.

(014) 04/16/21/JPR - New Feature:

The Grid and Solid Range Filters now allow null values to be filtered and replaced.

RockWorks G-value gvalue solid cutoff

(013) 04/12/21/MIW - Improvement:

Improved the RockPlot3D export of text in Wavefront Obj files for Sketchfab. Additionally, added a text scalar option.

(012) 04/11/21/JPR - New Feature:

When an error is encountered while processing a Playlist, the error message dialog now provides a new option to cancel the process rather than continuing with the Playlist processing or closing/restarting the program.

RockWorks playlist error cancel

(011) 04/11/21/JPR - New Feature:

The Enable and Disable buttons within the Playlist now have small black arrows along the right side of the button that will display additional options for enabling/disabling all of the options above or below the currently highlighted item within the Playlist. These new options are also available within the View option at the top of the Playlist as well as the popup menu that appears if the user right-clicks within the list.

RockWorks Playlist options enable disable

(010) 04/10/21/JPR - Cosmetic:

The embedded instructions that appear within the RockWorks application menus are now disabled by default. The instructions can now be universally activated by clicking on either the large red button in the upper -right corner (Item #1) of the main application menu or the "More Information" button (Item #2) within the sub-menus. Conversely, this information display can be universally de-activated by clicking on either the large gray button in the upper-right corner (Item #3) of the main application menu or the small "-" button (Item #4) within the sub-menus. The embedded instructions have been disabled by default for three reasons: (1) Menus load appreciably faster when the embedded-help is disabled, and (2) the menus look less cluttered/intimidating without the instructions.

RockWorks instructions menu display

(009) 04/10/21/JPR - Improvement:

The Geobody Filter program is now several orders of magnitude faster than the previous version. Seconds versus hours faster. "Geobodies" represent clusters of connected voxels that fall within a user-specified g-value range. A typical application involves the identification of "hydraulic communication" based on filtered hydraulic conductivity data.

RockWorks Geobodies filter

(008) 04/09/21/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Grid | Import | Bitmap (Raster Image) - will now honor the Input Coordinate settings and properly crop the image down to the Project Dimensions.

(007) 04/07/21/MIW - Bug Fix:

Increased the accuracy of the RockPlot3D export to Wavefront Obj for Skecthfab.

(006) 04/06/21/JCJ - Bug Fix:

File | Import | Shapefile and Borehole Manager | Transfer Locations to Datasheet & Transfer Stratigraphy to Datasheet - now warns user on close of datasheet to save the datasheet.

(005) 04/06/21/JCJ - Bug Fix:

Utilities - Statistics | Histograms, honors minimum/maximum filters for both the statistics and the histogram.

(004) 04/03/21/JPR - Improvement:

The algorithm that removes duplicate points from consideration within the convex hull determination is now several orders of magnitude faster. This is very noticeable when creating block models based on downhole geophysical data (e.g., thousands of points).

RockWorks algorithm block models duplicate points

(003) 04/03/21/JPR - Bug Fix:

The algorithm that determines if a point is inside or outside a polygon no longer sporadically and incorrectly identifies points (e.g., grid cells, solid voxels) as being inside or outside the polygon.

RockWorks polygon clipped points

(002) 04/01/21/MIW - Improvement:

Users can now set the opacity for all the items in a RockPlot2D layer. Note that not all items can be transparent.

(001) 04/02/21/JCJ - Improvement:

RockWorks will use the materials table to define drawing order for Well Construction striplogs.


NOTE: If you are using a NETWORK license, RockWorks17 v. 2019.9.30 and newer require the RockWare Network License Administrator version 1.09 or newer. Check with your license administrator before installing the RockWorks update. See our forum posting for details.


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