RockWorks/17 Revision History
2019/Q1 (01/01/19-03/31/19)

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(010) Upload (01/31/2019/MIW): Revision 2019.1.31 uploaded to the RockWare website.

(009) Bug Fix (01/30/2019/MIW): Changed some conversions constants acre feet to cubic feet, acre feet to gallons, cubic feet to acre feet, cubic km to gallons, gallons to acre feet

(008) Enhancement (01/24/2019/MIW): Importing older pattern files now sets the imported file as the default library.

(007) Bug Fix (01/22/2019/JCJ): The Check Data Integrity | Check for P-Data Duplicates program now makes sure there are duplicates to remove before trying to remove them. Previously, when there were no duplicates the program was still trying to fix it, causing an unknown data type and then an out of range error.

(006) Improvement (01/16/2019/MIW): The Utilities | Faults | Single or Multiple -> 3D Fault File programs no longer deliver a cryptic error if the user forgets to assign a name for the 3D Fault File (.rwflt). It now just reminds you to enter the file name.

(005) Bug Fix (01/09/2019/MIW): The Stiff Diagram program now can save RockPlot2D files when run from RCL. If there's only 1 page then the specified filename is used otherwise the filename adds a number to the end (e.g. Stiff1.Rw2D, Stiff2.Rw2D...StiffN.Rw2D

(004) Bug Fix (01/03/2019/MIW): The 3D - Multi Striplogs are now sorted by name.

(003) Bug Fix (01/03/2019/MIW): The Azimuth and Dip settings for Tilt in the Solid Model Options can now be entered as real numbers.

(002) Enhancement (12/31/2018/MIW): RockPlot3D now permits you to rearrange the views (so the top one is used on Open) and to delete the default view.

(001) New Feature (12/31/2018/MIW): I-Data and T-Data 3D striplog columns can now be set to a constant radius with varying colors.


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