RockWorks20 Revision History
2022/Q3 (07/01/22-9/30/22)
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RockWorks2022 is the Current Version

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If you are using RockWorks2021 and are current on maintenance, the 4-digit program name will move up to the current date"RockWorks2022" with the first release of each new year.

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(013) 07/22/22/MIW - Bug Fix:

The Graphics >Animate >RockPlot 3D File now correctly generates a video when using the Advanced option.

(012) 07/20/22/MIW - Improvement:

The IsoSurface display options now includes an option to display the cap and cutaways as contoured or solid.

(011) 07/18/22/JPR - Removal:

The gINT import option has been removed.

(010) 07/13/22/MIW - New Feature:

3D Faults can now be exported directly to DXF and Shape File formats.

(009) 07/12/22/JPR - Bug Fix:

The ModOps / Solid / Math / Solid Math / Constant divided by Solid option now works correctly. The previous version would fail to create a model.

(008) 07/11/22/MIW - New Feature:

2D Faults can now be exported to DXF and Shape File formats.

(007) 07/10/22/JPR - New Feature:

A new program titled "Migration Simulation" has been added to the Graphics / Animate menu. This program will create animations in which the low values migrate to the high values or vice-versa.

RockWorks animate animation migration graphics

(006) 07/10/22/JPR - New Feature:

A new program titled "Distance to Point" has been added to the ModOps / Solid / Filters menu. This program will replace non-null nodes with values equal the straight-line distances between the nodes and a specified point source.

RockWorks modops solid filter nodes

(005) 07/08/22/JPR - Improvement:

The "Use Faults" option within the solid model smoothing dialog is now disabled by default and the option title has been changed to "Use Faults (Very Slow)".

(004) 07/08/22/MIW - Improvement:

The coordinate minimum and maximum values have been added to the RockPlot3D file in order to make Embellishing the file clearer. Files will need to be resaved before the extents will be added.

(003) 07/05/22/JPR - Cosmetic:

The "Strat Rules" tab now includes a blue help button adjacent to the 'Include Additional Contacts' option which will display detailed information about adding supplemental points to the stratigraphic modeling.

Read more in the Knowledge Base

RockWorks Stratigraphic help contacts

(002) 07/03/22/JPR - Bug Fix:

The Utilities / 3-D / Triangle Mesh program no longer asks for a title column or line thickness and no longer plots duplicate sets of triangles.

(001) 07/03/22/JPR - Removal:

The Isosurface option has been removed from the Stratigraphy / Solid Model program.


NOTE: If you are using a NETWORK license, RockWorks17 v. 2019.9.30 and newer require the RockWare Network License Administrator version 1.09 or newer. Check with your license administrator before installing the RockWorks update. See our forum posting for details.


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