RockWorks/17 Revision History
2018/Q3 (07/01/18-09/30/18)

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(043) Bug Fix (09/26/2018/JCJ): The Stratigraphy Grids to Logs program now saves the correct grid-based values to the database rather than the original values.

(042) Improvement (09/24/2018/JCJ): If RockWorks cannot load a project image, it will display a more informative message for the user.

(041) New Feature (09/24/2018/MIW): You can now add a Scalebar to your RockPlot3D scenes, at the top or the bottom. You can also specify a vertical and horizontal offset.

(040) Bug Fix (09/24/2018/JCJ): Fixed a problem causing a FireDAC error message that would occur when importing data from archived text files, by opening the database earlier in the process.

(039) Improvement (09/24/2018/JCJ): Implemented code to protect against importing text longer than the database field size for Types Tables.

(038) Bug Fix (09/21/2018/MIW): Fixed a problem with Section/Fence location maps in projects with mixed X-Y / Elevation-Depth (meters v feet) units.

(037) Bug Fix (09/21/2018/MIW): Stratigraphy rules are improved for projects with mixed X-Y / Elevation-Depth (meters v feet) units.

(036) Improvement (09/19/2018/JCJ): RockWorks will now import LAS (Log ASCII Standard) version 3.0 into the database. The Reader will still read previous versions 1.2 and 2.0.

(035) Improvement (08/30/2018/JCJ): Added an option to "Include disabled rows" in Utilities datasheet to all of the Column Math options: Absolute, Column & Column, and Column & Constant.

(034) Bug Fix (08/27/2018/MIW): Lines in the RockPlot3D Reference cage have been thickened so that they display more reliably.

(033) Improvement (08/27/2018/MIW): Increased precision for the drawing of Stratigraphic Fences

(032) Bug Fix (08/24/2018/MIW): Surfaces in RockPlot3D weren't calculating normals correctly which caused incorrect lighting artifacts.

(031) Improvement (08/24/2018/MIW): Scientific Notation can now be applied to RockPlot3D Color Legends built from tables.

(030) Bug Fix (08/24/2018/MIW): Thin lines in the RockPlot3D Reference Grid would hide at certain viewing angles.

(029) Bug Fix (08/24/2018/MIW): GT Grade X Thickness program was not clearing the correct tracks.

(028) Improvement (08/23/2018/MIW): Eliminated banding in RockPlot3D Stratigraphy Model sides panels.

(027) Improvement (08/23/2018/MIW): Eliminated jagged edges in RockPlot3D Fence diagrams that require high precision.

(026) Improvement (08/20/2018/MIW): RockPlot3D Iso-Surfaces are now drawn with more precision to avoid wavy surfaces.

(025) Bug Fix (08/16/2018/MIW): Contours in Sections, Profiles and Projected Sections are now drawn correctly.

(024) Improvement (08/09/2018/MIW): Added an option to the General Preferences menu to switch Font Quality in RockPlot2D to: Non-Antialiased , Antialiased (default), Clear Type or Clear Type Natural. Clear Type and Clear Type Natural provide better antialiasing then the Windows standard antialiasing.

(023) Bug Fix (08/09/2018/MIW): The filename edit is sized out of it dialog in Windows 7 using large fonts.

(022) Improvement (08/08/2018/MIW): The P-Data and I-Data GT Compositing now lets you select a maximum cutoff instead of a minimum cutoff.

(021) Bug Fix (08/08/2018/MIW): The ReportWorks border options for the Pattern Legend were displaying on the wrong tab.

(020) New Feature (08/03/2018/MIW): A new text object, called Anchored Text, has been added to RockPlot2D that consolidates text with a leader line and an optional border that can be filled. The first point entered is the origin and the second point is the position of the top left corner of the text. Move the text and the anchor will stay in place or move the anchor point and the text will stay in place.

(019) Bug Fix (08/02/2018/MIW): Plotting gridded 2D Contours generated spurious contours when the G value range was very large.

(018) New Feature (07/27/2018/MIW): The "Overlay" option in various 2D map dialogs has been changed to "Additional Layers". The program now allows you to place RP2D layers either above or below the new map content. When the setting is for Below the layers are added in reverse order.

(017) Improvement (07/26/2018/MIW): The Shapefile Exports from RockPlot2D and RockPlot3D now let you select an existing ESRI Projection File (*.prj) to be used with Shapefile.

(016) Bug Fix (07/26/2018/MIW): Sieve diagram symbols are now plotted.

(015) Bug Fix (07/26/2018/MIW): The Stiffmap diagrams were not being rescaled correctly.

(014) Bug Fix (07/19/2018/MIW): The Stratigraphy Picker now prompts for adjustment when the Save button is clicked.

(013) Improvement (07/18/2018/MIW): The Borehole Manager and Utilities Borehole Survey program now adds the ability to only display a report for the depths in the survey data.

(012) Bug Fix (07/18/2018/MIW): The Stratigraphy and Lithology Pickers did not display units correctly when using collar elevation.

(011) Bug Fix (07/18/2018/MIW): The Stratigraphy and Lithology Pickers did not display logs hung from the top correctly when using the collar elevation.

(010) Bug Fix (07/16/2018/MIW): The Auto-offset now works better in Stiff Map.

(009) Bug Fix (07/16/2018/MIW): The extents of a RockPlot3D scene weren't being set correctly when created from Volumetrics/Extract Solids.

(008) Improvement (07/16/2018/MIW): The Borehole Survey program now allows the user to create a report at only the depths listed in the orientation data.

(007) Bug Fix (7/13/2018/JCJ): The RW15 to RW17 file converter program's items were rearranged, and now the procedures are correctly called.

(006) Bug Fix (07/12/18/JCJ): Fixed a problem in the 7/10 build whereby the Installation Numbers used for licensing were being incorrectly decoded.

(005) Improvement (07/11/18/JCJ): When importing from Text/Excel and updating the Location information, the user can update fields without having to update required fields (i.e. Easting, Northing, Total Depth).

(004) Improvement (07/10/18/MIW): The P-Data | Analyze | P-Data | Lithology | Create Predictive Model now uses the P-Data track titles as axis labels in the histogram diagram.

(003) Bug Fix (07/05/18/MIW): An uninitialized variable caused the diffuse lighting to work sporadically in RockPlot3D.

(002) Improvement (07/05/18/JCJ): Changes to the Stratigraphy Types table will refresh all tabs using the table (Stratigraphy and Production).

(001) New Feature (07/02/18/MIW): A new program, under Striplogs, finds the intersection between all/enabled holes in a project, and a specified surface. The calculated XYZ coordinates and depths are displayed in a RockWorks datasheet tab. It will report if a deviated borehole intersects a surface multiple times.


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