RockWorks/16 Revision History
2015/Q4 (10/01/15-12/31/15)

(012) Bug Fixes (12/11/15/JPR): This solid model smoothing no longer generates an "access violation" error.  This bug was introduced within the 12/9/15 update.

(004-011) Bug Fixes (12/03/15/JPR): The following programs no longer generate an "invalid pointer" error if run twice during the same session:

(003) Bug Fix (12/03/15/JPR): The Solid classification smoothing filter will no longer sporadically lock up if warping is enabled and the warping surface and/or ground surface contain null values.

(002) Bug Fix (11/09/15/JPR): RwDat files that are automatically re-loaded into the Utilities Datasheet upon program start-up now refresh the Additional File Information correctly.  For example, in the previous version, an RwDat file that contained local coordinates would show the correct Local Coordinate System Origin within the "Additional File Information" region of the Datasheet window whenever the file was initially loaded.  If, however, RockWorks was closed and restarted, the program would show 0,0 for the Local Coordinate System Origin.  The same fix applies to State Plane Zones, UTM Datums, and UTM Zones for RwDat files that are automatically loaded upon program startup.

(001) Bug Fix (11/19/15/MIW): Older pattern files (extension .pat, LogPlot, RockWorks 15) are now recognized as a file type when importing into the new pattern file.

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