RockWorks/16 Revision History
2015/Q3 (07/01/15-09/31/15)

(046) Bug Fix (09/03/15/MIW): The plotting of Strike and Dip's using the Right Hand Rule is now correct when the Strike is greater than 270 degrees.

(045) Improvement (09/03/15/MIW): There are no longer any size limits for Stiff Maps.

(044) Bug Fix (09/02/15/MIW): Fixes a problem with the vertical column lines not being plotted in2D deviated strip logs.

(043) Bug Fix (09/01/15/MIW): Multiple Striplog Profiles where one profile contained no boreholes no longer cause an infinite loop if Collar Distances are enabled.

(042) Bug Fix (08/31/15/MIW): The 2D and 3D Strike and Dip maps now convert the Right Hand Rule data correctly.

(041) Bug Fix (08/31/15/MIW): The Borehole Manager Profile Stripmaps no longer causes an error if no boreholes are present in the Profile.

(040) Bug Fix (08/31/15/MIW): Plotting Multiple Profiles with automatic horizontal reference lines no longer causes an Access Violation error.

(039) Bug Fix (08/26/15/MIW): The RCL commands DEFINE: GENERAL ATD_FILE_NAME and EXECUTE: RU_SAVE no longer save the wrong file name if a previous command in the script opened an RwData file or template.

(038) Bug Fix (08/26/15/MIW): Creating a Strip Log Cross Section with Point Data resampling no longer causes an Access Violation Error.

(037) Bug Fix (08/25/15/MIW): Profiles no longer generate an Access Violation error when producing multiple profiles with Horizontal Lines using Automatic Scaling.

(036) Improvement (08/25/15/MIW): The Horizontal Line increment within profiles now line up with the Vertical Scalebar.

(035) Bug Fix (08/25/15/MIW): Profiles that don't include any boreholes no longer generate an Access Violation error when creating a Strip Map.

(034) Bug Fix (08/19/15/MIW): An invalid Layer ID within RockPlot2D no longer causes an Access Violation.

(033) Bug Fix (08/13/15/MIW): The Borehole Manager / Vector Model program no longer generates an Access Violation Error.

(032) Improvement (07/24/15/MIW): Points without Z-values are now included when plotting symbols and labels within the Utilities EZ Map and Grid Map programs.

(031) Bug Fix (07/24/15/MIW):  The menu settings for using Scientific Notation in Color Legends is no longer ignored.

(030) Bug Fix (08/11/15/MIW):  The Superface Elevation labels are no longer overwritten by the Subface Elevations with plotting borehole location maps that include this information.

(029) Bug Fix (08/07/15/MIW):  The Utilities / Survey / XYZ -> Optimum Path / Downhole Survey program now honors the specified inclination convention.

(028) Bug Fix (07/30/15/MIW):  The Line Map azimuth filter now works correctly.

(027) Bug Fix (07/30/15/MIW):  Loading an RCL file into the 2D Striplog Designer no longer causes the design summary to be displayed within the current item menu.

(026) Bug Fix (07/30/15/MIW):  The Grid Declustering now initializes the minimum and maximum node values thereby creating consistent results.

(025) Bug Fix (07/30/15/MIW):  Editing the Stratigraphy Table within the Stratigraphy Picker now updates the list of formations within the Stratigraphy Picker menu.

(024) Improvement (07/30/15/MIW):  The Image Rectify program no longer fails when an output file uses an invalid extension.  Instead, a warning message is displayed.

(023) Bug Fix (07/28/15/MIW): Adding a Cut Out to an Iso-Surface that cuts the full XY extents no longer causes an Access Violation Error.

(022) Bug Fix (07/30/15/MIW): The Lithology Modeling Algorithms are now set correctly.

(021) Bug Fix (07/30/15/MIW): The SCAN_BOREHOLES command within an RCL file now forces the main form Project Dimesnions to update.

(020) Bug Fix (07/27/15/MIW):
The Symbol and Label options for Krajewskigram that are shared with the Scattergram menu are now displayed within the Krajewskigram menu.

(019) Improvement (07/24/15/MIW):  Points without z-values are now plotted by the Utilities/EZ-Map program.

(018) Improvement (07/24/15/MIW):  Points without z-values are now plotted by the Utilities/Grid-Map program.

(017) Bug Fix (07/24/15/MIW):  The menu settings for using Scientific Notation in Color Legends are no longer ignored.

(016) Bug Fix (07/24/15/MIW):  The RockPlot3D / Google Earth Export no longer falsely reports that Google Earth is not installed.

(015) Bug Fix (07/24/15/MIW):  The weighted averaging with distance filter for I-Data no longer generates inconsistent results.

(014) Bug Fix (07/22/15/MIW): The Utilities / Grid / Profile / Multiple program now updates the profile end points for the additional profiles.

(013) Bug Fix (07/22/15/MIW): The Borehole Manager / Location Map no longer uses the user-specified Elevation for calculating Stratigraphy Elevation Labels when the Collar Elevation option has been was selected.

(012) Bug Fix (07/21/15/MIW): The Utilities - Survey to 3D Diagram program now uses the Plot Station Label checkbox correctly.

(011) Improvement (07/21/15/MIW): The Utilities - Survey Programs no longer requires Unit Settings for columns that are not being used.

(010) Improvement (07/21/15/MIW): The KML Extract programs are now captured if the user's Regional Settings are not using the US number format.

(009) Bug Fix (07/21/15/MIW): Clipping polylines in RockPlot2D no longer occasionally fails to clip line segments outside the clip boundary.

(008) Bug Fix (07/21/15/MIW): Images imported to RockPlot2D from the Utilities / Imagery menu are now hidden when their layer is disabled.

(007) Bug Fix (07/17/15/MIW): The RockPlot3D Color Legends Custom Color Table is now loaded when an RP3D file is opened.

(006) Bug Fix (07/17/15/MIW): RockPlot2D file operations that are excuted after exporting a Shape File no longer cause an Acess Violation.

(005) Bug Fix (07/09/15/JCJ): Double-clicking on an RwDat file no longer raises an exception when the "Load Last-Used File in Datasheet on Start-Up" option is activated.

(004) Improvement (07/8/15/MIW): Scattergrams now use the diagram size to set symbol and label sizes for consistent results.

(003) Improvement (07/08/15/MIW): Raster images are now stored in RockPlot2D as PNG images. This enables faster load times and smaller files. Saving files, however now takes a bit longer.

(002) Bug Fix (07/06/15/JCJ): The Utilities / File / Print program no longer incorrectly offsets the columns by 1.

(001) Cosmetic (07/01/15/MIW): The group checkboxs in the Plot Surface Profile dialog are now visible (but dimmed) when the option is unchecked. 

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