RockWorks/16 Revision History
2015/Q2 (04/01/15-06/30/15)

(023) Bug Fix (06/18/15/JCJ):  Two bugs that were introduced within yesterday's (6/17/15) update have been fixed;

Source: Monty Python & The Holy Grail, 1975

(022) Bug Fix (06/18/15/JPR):  The Utilities / Solid / Export / Modflow program is no longer unable to locate the specified Discretization file.

(021) Bug Fix (06/05/15/JCJ):  RockWorks is now re-enabled if the backup fails.

(020) Cosmetic (06/05/15/MIW):  The Datasheet / Import / Shape File program now displays status messages as the Shape file is being imported.

(019) Bug Fix (06/05/15/MIW):  The AGL Editor (accessed from the RockPlot2D / File / Import / AGL program via the Edit/Create option) no longer generates an error when selected. 

(018) Improvement (05/28/15/JCJ):  RockWorks will now gracefully shut down if a connection to an SQL server is lost.  This eliminates the need to used the Task Manager to shut it down.

(017) New Feature (05/21/15/MIW):  The RockPlot3D Isosurface Options menu now includes a button titled "Add + Hide Model".   This new option will change the Draw Style for the model to Hidden thereby insuring that the new slice will be visible.

(016) New Feature (05/21/15/MIW):  The RockPlot3D Solid Model Options menu now includes a button titled "Add + Set Style to Point".   This new option insures that the new slice will be visible.

(015) Bug Fix (05/20/15/MIW):  The StripLog / Projected Section menu now includes options for activating/de-activating the clipping

(014) Bug Fix (05/08/15/MIW):  The symbol that is used for showing the top of a borehole now plots correctly if the clipping is enabled when plotting 2D striplogs

(013) Bug Fix (05/08/15/MIW):  The calculated volume and mass for stratigraphy volumetrics that are based on grid models is now converted to the selected output units.

(012) Bug Fix (04/22/15/MIW):  Exporting RW2D files to a raster format using RCL scripting now sizes vertically exaggerated diagrams correctly.

(011) Bug Fix (04/22/15/JCJ):  The LAS Import program correctly imports LAS files with wrapped lines (this bug was introduced in November of 2014).

(010) Bug Fix (04/16/15/JCJ):  The LAS Import program no longer fails if the project is configured to measure point data from the borehole collar.

(009) Bug Fix (04/16/15/JPR):  The Utilities / Map / Pie-Chart Map program now selectes the X and Y midpoint coordinates from the correct column.

(008) Bug Fix (04/13/15/JPR):  The object markers (the red dots that appear when clicking on a RockPlot2D object) for bitmaps within 2D striplogs are now properly registered with the image.

(007) New Feature (04/10/15/JPR):  A new option titled "Limit To Column Width" has been added to the Bitmaps section of the 2D striplog design sub-menu. 

This new feature extends the capabilities of the bitmap plotting as described below;

(006) Bug Fix (04/10/15/JCJ):  The SQL-Server interface now delimits strings within 2D striplog queries with a single quote rather than a double-quote.  Please note that this does not effect the Access/MDB version which accepts either format.

(005) New Feature (04/03/15/JPR):  A new program titled "Resample" has been added to the Borehole Manager / I-Data / Analyze sub-menu.

This program is used to convert irregularly-spaced, discrete (non-gradational/continuous) i-data to regularly-spaced intervals.

This program resamples the data by identifying the thickest sub-interval.  In the event that two or more intervals have the same g-value, they are combined into a single interval (for the sake of the comparison).  The program then determines which interval is thickest and reassigns the new interval to the corresponding g-value.  In the event of a tie (i.e. two or more equally-thick sub-intervals with the same thickness), the program will make choose either the interval with the highest g-value or the lowest g-value as defined by the Resample menu.

(004) Cosmetic (04/02/15/MIW):  The Ignore and Continue button within the error reporting dialog has been changed to "Continue".

(002-003) Bug Fix (04/02/15/JPR):  The Colored Intervals / Colorization Options / Legend sub-menu now;

(001) Bug Fix (04/01/15/JPR):  The Lateral Extrusion block modeling algorithm no longer omits interpolations along the easternmost, northernmost, and uppermost edges of the model. 

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