About Undefined Nodes

“Undefined Nodes” are grid and solid model nodes that have been removed by a filtering process such as polygon clipping, distance filtering, surface filtering, etc.

Grid nodes with an Undefined Z-value of Null (-1.0e27) and Solid nodes with an Undefined Z-value of - Null (-1.0e27) will be ignored/skipped by all RockWorks programs thereby rendering them invisible within maps and diagrams and not included within any computations (e.g. grid/grid math, solid/solid math, volumetrics, etc.).

Grid nodes with an Undefined Z-Value of anything other than Null (-1.0e27) will not be ignored by RockWorks programs.  The purpose of allowing for non-Null Undefined Nodes is to provide a means to specify;

  1. a below-detection-limit value which should still be included in subsequent computations and diagrams,
  2. zero so that maps and diagrams will show the zero-level nodes, or
  3. a value that is useful for importing the RockWorks grids or solids into other software that may use a different value for identifying null nodes.