Training Videos - Introduction
     Launching RockWorks
     The Main RockWorks Menu
          The Title Bar
               The How-To Option
                    Copying/Sending How-To Links
               The Search Option
               The License Option
               The Favorites Option
               The Plot2D Option
                    2D Output Options
               The Plot3D Option
                    3D Output Options
                    Digitizing in RockPlot3D
               The Report Option
               The Window Option
               The Setup Option
               The Help Option
               The Layout Option
          The Project Folder
          Project Settings
          Operations Ribbon
               Application Abstracts
               Application Menus
                    The Examples Button
               The Project Manager
               The Borehole Manager
                    Geodata Management - Guidelines
                    Borehole Database Tables
                              Plotted As Discs in 3D
                              Fence Diagram of Distance-to-Fracture Model
                         Water Levels
                              How to Add Raster Logs to the Database
                              Showing Directional Data in 3D
                              Modeling Voids/Caves
               The Datasheet
                    Opening an Existing RwDat File
                    Importing Excel Files into Utilities Datasheet
                    Adjusting Datasheet Column Widths
                    Changing Datasheet Column Names & Data Types
               The Fault Table
               The Playlist
                    The Playlist Output Tabs
          License Status Bar
          The Small +/- Buttons
Training Videos - Exercises
     Importing Excel Data Into a New Borehole Database
          Creating a New Project Folder
          Importing Borehole Data From Excel
          Setting the Project Dimensions
          The Lithology Types Table
               The Pattern Assistant
          The Stratigrahy Types Table
          Adding Location Fields
          Adding Columns to Database Tables
     Viewing Your Raw Data - Introduction
          Creating a Site Map of Your Project Area
          Creating a Single Strip Log
               Viewing 3D Striplogs in 2D
          Creating a Striplog Profile
          Creating a Striplog Section
          Exporting You Cross-Section to a DXF File
          Creating 3-D Lithology Logs
          Creating 3-D Geochemistry Logs
          Combining 3-D Logs
          Additional Point Data 2-D Mapping Options
     Creating Stratigraphic Models & Diagrams
          Creating a Stratigraphic Model
          Creating Modeled Stratigraphic Cross-Sections
          Creating Stratigraphic Fence Diagrams
          Creating Structural Contour Maps
          Creating Isopachs Using Custom Colors
     Creating Lithology Models & Diagrams
          Creating a Lithology Model
          Experimenting with Different Modeling Methods
          Creating a Lithology Fence Diagram
          Applying a Regional Dip to the Lithology Modeling
     Creating I-Data & P-Data Models & Diagrams
          Creating a Model Based on Interval Data
          Creating an I-Data Profile
          Creating a Model Based on Point Data
          Creating a Fence Diagram Based on a P-Data Model
          Using Custom Colors to View a Benzene Model
     Working with Water Levels & Time-Based Data
          Creating a Water Level Grid
          Creating a T-Data Model
          Creating Time-Based Geochemical Models
          Creating Contour Maps of Time-Based Data
     RockWorks Utilities - Introduction
          Creating 2-D Point Maps
          Creating 3-D Point Diagrams
          Creating 2-D Grid-Based Maps
          Creating 3-D Grid-Based Diagrams
          Creating Pie-Chart Maps
          Creating Piper Diagrams
          Creating Stiff Maps
     Grid & Solid Model Tools
          Using Grid Math to Create an Isopach Grid
          Computing the Volume of the Leadville Limestone
          Isolating Highs & Lows within a Grid
Training Videos - Concepts
     Data Dimensionality
          Creating Models in Mixed Units (Meters & Feet)
          2D vs 3D Modeling
          Project Dimensions, Aesthetics & Resolution
          Voxel Dimensions & Aesthetics (Video)
          Grid Dimensions
               Model Resolution
          Multi-Variate Modeling
          Algorithms - Introduction
               Gridding Algorithms - Redux
               Closest Point Gridding Algorithm
               Cumulative Gridding Algorithm
               Dip-Based Gridding Algorithm
               Directional Gridding Algorithm
               Distance-to-Point Gridding Algorithm
               Inverse-Distance Gridding Algorithm
               Kriging Gridding Algorithm
                    Kriging (Another Version)
               Plane-Fit Gridding Algorithm
               Sample Density Gridding Algorithm
               Trend Polynomial Gridding Algorithm
               Trend Residuals Gridding Algorithm
               Triangulation Gridding Algorithm
               Hybrid Gridding Algorithm
          Exporting High-Resolution Raster Images
          Appending/Combining 3D Files
          Animation Options
          Reveal (Video)
          Using RockWorks as a Free Viewer
               Automatic Grid Resampling
               Multiple-Users working on the Same Database
               Backup & Restore Database
                    GeoProbe DI
                         Resolution Considerations
                         Importing Non-Standard or LAS 1.00 Files
               Importing Older RockWorks Projects
                    Google Earth
                         XYZ Coordinates
                         Single Polygon Coordinates
          Randomly Sorting Datasheet Rows
     Borehole Operations
               Total Depth Grid
               2D Striplog
                    Layout Files
                    Viewing 3D Striplogs in 2D
               3D Striplog
                    Plotting Fractures
               Stratigraphy Picker
               Payzone -> Optimum Path (Video)
               Automatic Computation of Horizontal Well Paths
               Lithology Types Table
                    Soil Classification Standards
                    Lateral Blending Randomization
                    Assigning Faults as LithoTypes
                    Legend Sorting
               Merging Lithology & Stratigraphy Models
               Multivariate Map
               Lithology -> I-Data
               Lithology -> I-Data (Table)
               Layered Model
                    Adding Supplemental Points
                    More About Adding Supplemental Points
               Solid Model
                    Embellishing Profiles & Sections (Video)
                    Linear Correlations
               Grids -> 3D Strat. Diagram
                    Description #1
                    Description #2
                    Description #3
               3D Exploded Stratigraphy
               3D Stratigraphic Quadrants
          I-Data & P-Data Modeling (Slideshow)
               Length Composite Weighting
                    Background Grade
               Hole-to-Hole P-Data Section Interpolation
                    Another Demonstration
               Cone Penetrometer Case Study
               CPS -> eU3O8 -> I-Data
                    Gamma to Uranium Grade Conversions
               Solid Model
               Removing/Merging Duplicate Samples
          2D & 3D Inverse Distance Modeling
                    Hyperbolic Color Options (Video)
                    Examples (Slideshow)
                    Envelope Filter
                    Images -> Solid
                    Tilted Modeling with > Than One Dip Direction
                    Paper Solid
               Multivariate Map
                    Solid Math
                         Creating Mass Flux Transects
                         Geobody Filter
                         Identifying Contiguous Lithobodies
               Filters ...
                    Gradational Margins
                    Solid & Grids
                         Coal Mining Example (Video)
                         Using Legacy Bitmaps to Model Mine Levels
                    Tunnel Clipping
                         Example w/Volumetrics (Video)
                         Time-Based Example (Video)
               Extract Grids
                    Solid -> Grid
                    Solid Vertical Slice -> Grid
               Block Model Conversions
                    Block Model -> Geologic Map
                    Block Model -> Hydraulic Conductivity (K) Model
               Overview (Slideshow)
               Extract Via Surface Excavation
                    Example (Video)
               Symbol Map Options
               Multivariate Display Options
               Radial Diagrams
                    Homestake Mine Case Study
               QAPF Diagram
                    Background Image
          3D Tools
               3D Tags
                    Perimeter Annotation
               Merge 2+ Files
               Animation Parameters
               Grids -> Contour Map Animation
                    Examples (Video)
                    Slope Movement Analysis Instructions
                    Slope Movement Simulation (Video)
               Solids -> 3D Animation
                    In-Situ Recovery Example (Video)
               Solid Reveal
                    Soil Vapor Animations (Video)
                    San Fernando Basin Case Study (Video)
               Migration Simulation (Video)
               Google Earth Flyovers
                    Clipboard -> Circular Flyover
                    Clipboard -> Forward Flyover
               Google Earth Sea-Level
                              Based on Polylines
                              Based on Shape File Polylines
               Image Cube
                    Example (Video)
               Georeference (Video)
               Digitize Raster Log (Video)
                    PDF Version
     Playlist Automation
          3 Case-Studies (Slideshow)
          Adding Two Project Dimensions Options
     RockWorks Glossary
          Using RockWorks While Working Remotely
          Security Details
     Add Peripheral Items to Charts, Maps, Xsect, etc.
     Add Raster Logs to the Borehole Database
     Create Exploded Stratigraphic Model Diagrams
     Create Fence Diagram From Resistivity Images
     Create Google Earth Flyovers
     Create Phase II ESA Graphics
     Create SPT (Standard Peneteration Test) Sections
     Create Stratigraphic Models Based On Grid Files
     Create Striplog Cross-Sections
     Depth-Register Raster Logs & Other Images
     Disable Hint Boxes
     Display Images Withing Section-Selection Maps
     Display Vertical Images (Seismic) in Google Earth
     Download & Display COGCC Horizontal Well Data
     Download USGS Seismic Data - Subduction Zones
     Drape Images Over Surfaces
     Import, Display, & Model Geoprobe MIP Data
     Import Excel Data Into the Datasheet
     Launch RockWorks
     Manage 3D Graphics
     Model Engineered Deposits (Landfills, Coal Ash)
     Model 3D Soil Vapor Data
     Pivot Around Project Area in Google Earth
     Plot Borehole Locations in Google Earth
     Plot Oil Leases in Google Earth
     Plot Simple Tubes Within Google Earth
     Rectify & Crop Images to Project Dimensions
     Specify EarthApps Datasheet Input Coordinates
     Superimpose Grid Profiles Onto Cross-Sections
     Use Grid Models to Constrain 3D Block Models
     Use Boolean Solids to Constrain 3D Modeling
     Use Raster Images as Grid Filters - Subsidence
Case Studies & Output Demonstrations
     2D Tank Farm Plume Migration
     Clear Creek Plume Migration
     Complex Exploding & Collapsing Diagrams
     Dolan Ranch Overview
     Drawdown Simulation #1
     Drawdown Simulation #2
     Environmental Applications Webinar
     Gradient Vectors
     Karst Diffusion
     Leaking Surface Tank
     Lithologies Encountered During Tunneling
     Model Slicing
     Modeling Breccia Pipes
     Modeling From Oil & Gas Lateral Logs
     Modeling RQD Encountered During Tunneling
     Modeling with Trend-Solid Algorithm
     Olman Gold History
     Optimum Well Path Between Two Surfaces
     Pea Ridge Mine Panels
     Plume Isolevels
     RockWare Site Composite
     RockWare Site Extrusions
     RockWare Site Spindlegrams & Plume
     Rotating Geocube
     Tilting, Rotating, & Enlarging Plume
     Weld County Oil Production
     Weld County Production Billboards
     Weld County Production Spindlegrams
     Weld County Raster Logs
     2D vs 3D Geologic Resource Modeling
     2D vs 3D Uranium & Water Resource Evaluation
     2D vs 3D Uranium Modeling
     3 Strategies - Modeling Groundwater Contamination
     3D Hydrostratigraphic Visualization
     3D Hydrostratigraphic Visualization
     Automated Computation of Dredging Volumetrics
     Automatic Polyclip
     Billboard Options
     Brine Contamination Case Stufy
     Color Filters
     Color Modeling From Vertical Image Panels
     Constrain Filter
     Contaminated Karst Modeling Strategy
     Data Processing Guidelines
     Drainage Stratigraphy Filter
     Grid Distance Filter
     Grid Draping
     Grid Fading
     Grid Math
     Grid-Based MultiMap
     Groundwater Contamination Case Study
     Highest Probability Modeling
     IDW-Layered Algorithm
     Industrial Mineral Deposit Evaluation
     Industrial Mineral Deposit Evaluation - V2
     Industrial Mineral Volumetrics
     Isolating Watersheds
     Model Math
     Modeling Gypsum Resources
     Modeling Filled Valleys
     Modeling the San Fernando Basin
     Oil & Gas Exploration Examples
     Pressure Model
     RockWare Parking Instructions (Image)
     RockWorks Training Manual
     Solid Fading
     Solid-Based MultiMap
     Strategy for Modeling Soil & Fractured Bedrock
     Time-Based Modeling of Groundwater Contamination
     Trend-Solid Modeling
     Trend-Solid Residuals
     Undefined Values
     Google Earth Advertisement Featuring Rockware
          Stick 1.0 Product
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