What’s New in MapInfo Pro 17

Enhanced in collaboration with users like you, MapInfo Pro 17 is stronger, smarter and simpler to use. Its user-inspired interface puts more power at your fingertips, so you can produce more compelling maps, more advanced analytics and drive better business outcomes. A new welcome-screen delivers one-stop access to tools, tutorials and our robust user community. You’ll quickly benefit from innovative improvements to mapping, layout themes and more. With superior speed, plus enhanced processing power and capabilities, you can create better output and uncover answers faster.

  • New Welcome Screen

A new welcome screen gives you quick access to everything MapInfo Pro. With tips and tools to get you started and video tutorials to show you around, you’ll quickly see what’s new and better. Jump right into a sample workspace, pre-built and loaded with data so you can give v17 a test drive. Gain one-click access to your most recent files. Join the fast-growing Li360 User Community to share ideas and insights. It’s all right there, right from the start.

  • Quick Search Window

Dude, where’s my menu? If you can’t find the desired menu command in the MapInfo Pro Ribbons, just type it in to the Quick Search window. You’ll see all the matching menu commands and have the ability to run the desired command.


  • Customizable Mini-Toolbars

Your most frequently used commands are just a click away when you add your commands to the customizable mini-toolbars.

Added hot-key improvements and enhanced image quality improve usability.

Thematic Mapping displays include interactive drop-down menus so you can change theme variables and ranges with check-box ease.