What’s New in Grapher 15

Grapher continues to evolve with new features to improve the usability of the program and help you achieve the plots that best illustrate your data.

Improvements to the Break Axis Feature

  • Continue the graph curve past the data point to the axis break point.
  • Add a symbol or line to the axis break point.
  • More options for the axis break symbol.

Improvements to the Curve Fit Feature

  • Add a fit to data where X is a function of the Y coordinate for downhole logs.
  • Add fits to different classes of data separately on a graph.

More Math Functions for Combining Curves

Multiply two curves, add them together, or plot the average of two curves with the improved Math Plot. Use any function from the large Grapher function library to combine multiple curves into a new curve.

Create mathematical plots such as summation plots and product plots wiht the Math Plot.

Box Plots Enjoy Added Features for Customization

Change the statistical parameter for the center line, edges, and whiskers with the new Box Plot features. Instead of plotting the Mean, choose the Median for the center line. Box edges can represent user-defined percentiles, confidence level, standard deviation and more.

Differentiate Curve Fills in Cross Plots

Use different curve fill colors for portions where Curve A is above Curve B vs. Curve A below Curve B.