What’s New in WellCAD 5.7

The focus in WellCAD 5.7 was to enhance the user experience by improving the Data Import & Plot Creation Logic. New features processing tools and other improvements have also been made relating to the Casing Integrity Module.

Data to Plot

  • New layout engine: Drag & drop, resizing, snap to grid, etc.
  • New toolbar to visualize and edit Metadata.
  • All file import logs are reduced to one window.
  • Shift + drag over compatible log = merge.
  • Drag & drop of files: works with WCL, WCF, WDT, TFD, LAS, DLIS, CSV and other file formats & got rid of the OLE import window.





Casing Integrity

The revision of the Casing Integrity module starts with a new menu structure, an improved user experience and improved processes.

  • Casing joint detection: Now works very well with CCL data and is able to detect top and bottom of joints.
  • MFC shift correction: The correction is now using a histogram.
  • Volume calculation: Now handles 1, 2, … X. Caliper data can be provided as radius or diameter, handles custom depth intervals and improved user interface.
  • Casing Integrity workspace: Extended to handle outer diameter thickness statistics and improved user interface.

Python Script Editor

  • The built-in script editor now handles running of Python scripts.
  • A standard Python v3.10 interpreter with pywellcad preinstalled is bundled with WellCAD.
  • The user has the option of running code in any other registered Python interpreters they have installed on their machine.
  • The script editor supports syntax highlighting, auto completion and live help to allow users to build up their scripts.
  • Python scripts are now shown in the File -> Automation menu.