What’s New in WellCAD 5.4

WellCAD 5.4 adds new Depth Matching in the Core Depth Shifter Workspace in CoreCAD and ISI, Velocity Analysis Workspace in the FWS module, “MFU” (Most Frequent Used) Menu display, and More!

Core Image & Structure Reorientation

Drag the core images and structure picks to match wireline log data.

  • Rotate CT or 3D core scan images to reference picks and images.
  • Reorient structure and breakout picks.
  • Import or add discontinuities interactively to rotate intervals of the same orientation.
  • Combine rotation and depth shift in a single step.
  • Adjust core to borehole caliper settings to make the sinusoids comparable.
  • Correct Alpha & Beta angles to Dip and Dip Azimuth.
  • The functionality is part of the Core Shifter and available with the ISI and
    CoreCAD add-on modules.

Adjust Depths with the Core Shifter Workspace

Use the new Core Shifter Workspace to match core depths to reference logs. Manage continuous and discontinuous cores with bulk shifting, expansion and compression of depth scales, and reverse the depth direction on an interval basis.

  • Import or enter discontinuities to separate the data intervals to be shifted.
  • Free selection of logs to be used as reference and to be shifted. All WellCAD log types are supported.
  • User defined criteria to limit depth matching operations (e.g. display a warning when overwriting existing data).
  • Visual and digital tracking of manipulations applied to the data.
  • The Core Shifter is part of the ISI and CoreCAD add-on modules.

Velocity Analysis Workspace

Use dynamically-linked diagrams with live updates to manage the process of velocity analysis. Pick the waveform minima quickly and efficiently

  • The waveform view is superimposed with waveform intercept time
  • Frequency filter option.
  • Dynamically linked Slowness-Time-Coherence diagram
  • Increased performance
  • Result feedback in Slowness-Coherence log.
  • Included in the FWS Processing add-on module.



Color Classification added to CoreCAD

Classify core images by color and derive percentage log curves from the data.

For example, use color classification of a core image to calculate sand / shale percentages.

More New Features 

  • Change depth scale with mouse wheel.
  • Tool Model Repository for easier data entry.
  • View caliper settings effects on Structure and Breakout logs in the ISI workspace.
  • Display most frequently used commands in the default menu.