What’s New in WellCAD 5.3

WellCAD 5.3 adds new Core Description features to CoreCAD with the Core Description Workspace, new Groundwater Tools for calculating salinity, porosity, and hydraulic conductivity, LAS 3.0 support, Tabular Data Editor formatting by value, and the Log Summary Bar with statistics and data distribution graphing.

Core Description Workspace

The new Core Description Workspace in CoreCAD combines the generation of attractive core descriptions with the look of hand-drawn sheets and the acquisition of detailed digital data for petrophysical analysis and reservoir modelling.

CoreCAD provides an easy graphical user interface to navigate between core runs and data columns, acquire data by free-hand drawing or interval-based data capture with unrivaled flexibility to import, add, and export data.

CoreCAD is fully integrated into the WellCAD platform for use of the Core Image Cropper to clip core box images, apply data Cross Plotting, and Color Classification.

Core Image Cropper

The new Core Image Cropper is embedded into the CoreCAD and ISI modules to speed up your processing of core images.

  • Extract images from core box or core slap photos.
  • Interactive depth registration.
  • Combine into a continuous core image column.
  • Integrate as RGB or OLE WellCAD borehole document.
  • Export to standard image formats.
  • Digitze to Color Classification and Color Component Extraction.

New Groundwater Tools

The new Groundwater Tools included with the WellCAD Basic module provides log interpretation for groundwater professionals.

  • Salinity estimation
  • Shale Volume estimation
  • Sonic Porosity
  • Density Porosity
  • Porosity estimation using Archie equation
  • Neutron Porosity shale correction
  • Permeability estimation
  • Hydraulic Conuctivity

Flowmeter Data Processing Workspace

The new Flowmeter Workspace supports the interpretation of impeller flowmeter curves.

After initializing the workspace, you can pick the No Flow zones interactively. Contribution of each flow zone is computed and shown as a percentage, or absolute, cumulative or text values.

Add geophysical logs, lithology columns and well sketches as reference logs to aid the interpretation. Save your work as a template to make it easier the next time around.

More New Features in the Basic Module

  • LAS 3.0 support.
  • Tabular Editor Formatting by data value.
  • Log Summary Bar for display statistics and data distribution.
  • Save your logs as templates.