Surfer Post Maps

Create post maps independent of other maps on the page, or overlay the posted points on a base, contour, vector, or surface map. For each posted point, specify the symbol and label type, size, and angle. Also create classed post maps that identify different ranges of data by automatically assigning a different symbol or color to each data range. Post your original data point locations on a contour map to show the distribution of data points on the map, and to demonstrate the accuracy of the gridding methods you use.

Post Map Features

  • Create any number of post maps on a single page
  • Post from any number of files
  • Use proportional or fixed size symbols
  • Full control of symbol style, color, and frequency
  • Post data on contour, vector, surface, or base maps
  • Post every point or every nth point
  • Rotate and tilt post maps to any angle
  • Make a Classed Post Map to post different symbols for specified ranges of data values
  • Create a classed post legend to display the symbols and data ranges
  • Specify custom symbols from the worksheet
  • Add labels from a data file and adjust the angle of the label and the plane in which the label appears
  • Change data files without resetting post map and classed post map parameters