Surfer Contour Maps

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Contour Maps
Surfer software’s contour maps give you full control over all map parameters.

You can accept the Surfer intelligent defaults to automatically create a contour map, or double-click a map to easily customize map features. Display contour maps over any contour range and contour interval, or specify only the contour levels you want to display on the map. And with the Surfer software you can add color fill between contours to produce dazzling displays of your maps, or produce gray scale fills for dramatic black and white printouts.

Contour Map Features

  • Automatic or user-defined contour intervals and ranges
  • Full control over contour label format, font, frequency, placement, and spacing
  • Drag contour labels to place them exactly where you want them
  • Automatic or user-defined color for contour lines
  • Color fill between contours, either user-specified or as an automatic spectrum of your choice
  • Save and retrieve custom line styles and fills for contour maps
  • Full control over hachures
  • Regulate smoothing of contour lines
  • Reshape contour lines
  • Blank contour lines in areas where you don’t want to show any data
  • Specify color for blanked region
  • Rotate and tilt contour maps to any angle
  • Add color scale or distance scale bars
  • Independently scale in the X and Y dimensions
  • Full control over axis tick labels, tick spacing, grid lines and titles
  • Create any number of contour maps on a page
  • Print maps in black-and-white or full color
  • Overlay base, vector, shaded relief, image, or post maps on contour maps
  • Drape contour maps over 3D surfaces for dramatic displays
  • Export contours in 3D DXF format

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