Surfer Base Maps

You can combine base maps with other maps in map overlays, or can create stand-alone base maps independent of other maps on the page. You can load any number of base maps on a page. Base maps can be imported from DXF, GSI, BLN, SHP, LGO, BNA, GSB, DLG, LGS, MIF, E00, USGS SDTS DLG DDF, EMF, WMF, TIF, PCX, BMP, PLT, CLP, TGA, PCX, JPG, PNG, DCX, WPG, PCT, and other formats. It is easy to overlay a base map on a contour or surface map, allowing you to display geographic information in combination with the three dimensional data.

Base Map Features

  • Create any number of base maps on a single page
  • Create independent base maps or overlay base maps on other map types
  • Edit line, fill, text, and symbol properties for vector base map formats
  • Specify real-world coordinates for TIF, JPG, GIF, and other raster files
  • Combine maps with different coordinate systems and map projections.
  • Independent scaling in the X and Y dimensions
  • Rotate and tilt base maps to any angle

Add Base Map Layers from the Web

  • Download maps from online sources and display directly in Surfer.
  • Choose from Open Street Maps, NAIP and Global Imagery air photos, and custom WMS sources.
  • Clip base maps to data extents automatically.