Surfer 3D Surfaces

Change the lighting, display angle and tilt with a click of the mouse. Overlay several surface maps to generate informative block diagrams.

3D Surface Map Features

  • Specify surface color gradation, shininess, base fill and line color
  • Control mesh line frequency, color, style, surface offset
  • Set lighting horizontal and vertical angles, ambient, diffuse, and specular properties
  • Overlay contour maps, image maps, post maps, shaded relief maps, raster and vector base maps, and other surface maps for spectacular presentations
  • Choose overlay resample method and resolution, color modulation (blending) of surface and overlays
  • Change View tilt, rotation, field of view angles, perspective or orthographic projection
  • Set XYZ scales in map units or page length, choose proportional or independent XY scaling
  • Use data XY limits or specify a subset of the map
  • Control background fill and line color and styles
  • Add color scales to explain the data values corresponding to each color
  • Disable the display of blanked grid nodes or map the blanked areas to a specific Z level
  • Produce a detailed report of the grid statistics
  • Substitute a new grid file into an existing map


Surfer 2D & 3D modeling and analysis software: 3D surface map