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Slug Test Analyses

  • Hvorslev, 1951: Time Lag and Soil Permeability in Ground-Water Observations
  • Bouwer & Rice, 1976: Slug test for determining hydraulic conductivity of unconfined aquifers with completely or partially penetrating wells
  • Black, 1978: The use of the slug test in groundwater investigations (Modified Bouwer & Rice unconfined aquifer slug test analysis using an exponential type curve)
  • Cooper, Bredehoeft & Papadopulos, 1967: Response of a Finite-Diameter Well to an Instantaneous Charge of Water
  • Hyder, Butler, McElwee & Liu, 1994: Slug tests in partially penetrating wells (KGS Model including well skin and monitoring well response)
  • Kipp, 1985: Type Curve Analysis of Inertial Effects in the Response of a Well to a Slug Test
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