RockWare Software: RockWorks

RockWorks Fence Diagrams

Create three-dimensional slices through surface-based and block models of interpolated data: lithology, stratigraphy, geochemical/geophysical data, fractures, aquifers, colors, and vectors. Include logs, coordinate labels, titles.

These features are included in RockWorks Standard and Advanced levels.

General Fence Diagram Features

  • Define fence panel locations from preset configurations, draw your own, and/or import a list of panel endpoints
  • Include 3D logs
  • Include axis coordinate labels, titles
  • Include lithology, stratigraphy and color legends
  • Plot ground surface profile
  • Turn panels on and off
RockWare Software: RockWorks

Lithology Fences

Display your interpolated lithology in fence panels. Include a lithology color legend and view volumes of the lithology types in the 3D window.

RockWare Software: RockWorks

Stratigraphy Fences

Display interpolated stratigraphic surfaces in fence panels. Include a stratigraphy color legend.  Turn individual layers on and off. Stratigraphic fences can be created in Shapefile format for display in ArcScene®

RockWare Software: RockWorks

Geochemistry Fences

Interpolate a solid model of “I-data” or time-based “T-Data” measurements, create 3D slices through the model with line and/or color-filled contours. Include color legends, display in combination with an isosurface, and/or append stratigraphic surfaces for reference.

RockWare Software: RockWorks

Geophysical, Geotechnical Fences

Interpolate a solid model of “P-data” measurements, create 3D vertical fence panels with line and/or color-filled contours.

RockWare Software: RockWorks

Color Fences

Interpolate a solid model of soil colors, create a 3D diagram with vertical fence panels showing soil color fills. Display in combination with other models, stratigraphic and aquifer layers, etc.

RockWare Software: RockWorks

Fracture Fences

Model fracture locations in 3D and display slices of the model as fence panels. Append fracture discs on 3D logs, and include a legend to colors and distances.

RockWare Software: RockWorks

Aquifer Fences

Display aquifer surface and base in 3D fence panels. Combine with an isosurface representing a contaminant plume. Float a reference map above the image.

RockWare Software: RockWorks