RockPack III Features

RockPack III is shipped on CD-ROM and contains major enhancements over older DOS versions of RockPack. It is the first RockPack to be written expressly for Windows. This means that all functions now run in Microsoft Windows systems without difficulty. Installing is a snap and the User’s Manual is installed on the computer for easy reference in Portable Document Format (.pdf). The CD includes the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader for those who need it. New users to RockPack programs will find that it is easy to learn and use, while keeping all of the functionality that RockPack programs are famous for. Veteran users will discover that while the program is now a Windows-based program, it still contains all of the functions and utilities of the older versions, so there will be very little re-learning curve.

Data entry is becoming much easier with a spreadsheet-type entry, and data files saved in a standard comma-separated values (.csv) format. And of course, RockPack III has a conversion utility for opening, converting, and saving older RockPack II data (.dat) files

RockPack III‘s graphics are much improved with easy-to-use windows to display and manipulate data in. RockPack III‘s graphical stereonet outputs are also easier to work with; no longer requiring third-party capturing software for some users.