Oriana Analyses

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  • Basic statistics
    • circular mean,
    • length of mean vector (r),
    • median angle
    • circular variance, standard deviation and standard error
    • 95% and 99% confidence interval for the mean vector.
    • mean weighted by linear variable, plus basic statistics for the linear variable itself
    • means and mean vector lengths can be saved to a file for further second order analysis.
  • One-sample tests
    • Rayleigh’s test of uniformity
    • Hotelling’s test for weighted data
    • Moore’s modified Rayleigh test for weighted data
    • Rao’s spacing test
    • Chi-Squared
    • V-Test
    • Watson’s U²
    • Kuiper’s.
      The last two can be used for tests against both the uniform and von Mises distribution.
  • Two-sample tests
    • Watson-Wheeler F-test
    • Chi-squared test
    • Mardia-Watson-Wheeler test
    • Watson’s U² test.
    • Hotelling’s paired multisample test
    • Moore’s paired multisample test (nonparametric)
  • Multisample tests – The first three two-sample tests above can also be performed as multi-sample tests.
  • Circular-circular and circular-linear correlations.
  • Second order statistical analysis:
    • Grand mean angle, length and confidence limits
    • Hotelling’s one sample second order test
    • Moore’s modified Rayleigh test for second order analyses
    • Hotelling’s two sample second order test
    • Mardia’s two sample second order test (nonparametric)
    • Hotelling’s paired sample second order test
    • Moore’s paired sample second order test (nonparametric)
  • All analyses can be performed on subgroups of data as well as the whole data set.
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