New Features in Surfer 17

Surfer keeps getting better with improvements to  user interaction and work flows while adding new features to make your plots even more spectacular.

New features include:

  • 3D Plots with axis grid lines.
  • A completely redesigned gridding dialog menu with visual anisotropy for kriging, new co-kriging with a second variable, cross-validation and more.
  • Go directly from gridding to graphic output including contours and 3D surfaces.
  • Interactive editing of line and polygon vertex XY values.
  • Copy equations to cells in the Surfer worksheet.
  • Export maps to 3D PDF and VRML.

New 3D View Features

  • Add axes, titles, tick marks, grid lines, and labels in 3D View for more precise analysis.
  • Move the mouse over the model to view the XYZ coordinates in the status bar.

New Gridding Features

  • The new gridding wizard adds more graphics to show the variogram and ansiotropy plot to improve your gridding method selection.
  • Use the new CoKriging method to use a second related variable to help grid your data. When creating a grid of a deeper horizon, add cokriging of the shallow horizon to take advantage of additional data.
  • Save gridding parameters for re-use so you don’t have to remember and re-enter the parameters each time you create a grid.
  • After gridding, automatically plot the grid as a contour map, color relief, 3D surface, or any other grid-based map.
  • Assign the “NoData” blanking value based on a polygon at the time of gridding.

New Point, Polyline, and Polygon Vertex Editing

  • Edit the X and Y coordinates of points, polyline and polygon vertices in the Properties window. This is much improved over the old method of exporting ASCII BLN files to the worksheet, then importing them back to the Base Map.