RockWare Software: Surfer 15

New Features in Surfer 15

Surfer 15 adds new features for 3D Viewing with fly through videos, LiDAR data processing on the new Point Cloud layer, Base Map Symbology for creating polygon fills based on data (thematic maps), creating Thiessen Polygon maps from points for nearest neighbor regions, creating Delaunay Triangles from point data, and Multi-threading for faster gridding and Color Relief map display.

Explore your data with the new 3D View window!

Create a 3D view of your map and walk along the surface, rotate it to view from any angle, adjust a water level, change the vertical aspect ratio, and create fly-though videos. Include raster, image, and vector data in 3D.

RockWare Software: Surfer 15

Process LiDAR data on the new Point Cloud layer.

Select one or more LAS and LAZ files to create the point cloud. Use multiple point filtering options based on classification, return type, and source ID to import only the points that you need. Filter out vegetation to see bare ground elevation.

After the point cloud layer is created perform operations on the layer including:

  • Select points by criteria, rectangle, or polygon.
  • Remove selected points from the layer.
  • Crop the layer to the selected points.
  • Remove selected point classifications.
  • Reclassify selected points.
  • Create a grid directly from the points in the point cloud.
  • Export a new LAS or LAZ file.
RockWare Software: Surfer 15

Base Map Symbology

Apply symbology to base map layers to assign colors and symbols to objects based on data attribute values. Assign properties based on unique values or ranges of values, e.g. import a SHP and DBF file and assign symbol properties based on values in the associated DBF file. Automatically create legends to display properties and values.

Other examples of this new functionality include:

  • Color code polygons based on number of finds in an archeological dig.
  • Create a custom geologic map with different polygon fills by formation name.
  • Color code polygons of soil types by type name or sample type.
  • Show symbols on a map with the size proportional to the amount of contaminant.
  • Assign colors to polylines to represent road type.
RockWare Software: Surfer 15

Thiessen Polygons

Create a Thiessen Polygon map to display closest point areas or neighborhoods. Perform proximity analysis and calculate areas of influence from the polygon map. Load the data points to a Base Map layer, and create the Thiessen polygons on the same layer or a new layer. Use the attribute values to color code them by value.

RockWare Software: Surfer 15

Delaunay Triangles

Automatically create triangular polygons connecting data points to view the points influencing any given region when gridding with triangulation. Create the triangles on the same layer as the data point Base layer, or on a new base layer.

RockWare Software: Surfer 15

Multi-threading for Gridding and Color Relief Maps

  • Gridding data is now 5x faster than without multi-threading.
  • Color relief maps are also rendered with multi-threading to map display, edits, zooms, and pans much faster.