New Features in LogPlot2022

Column Legends

  • Add Column Legends to the LogDesigner Header or Footer.
  • Link to a Column in the Log Body, or specify the XY location of the Header.
  • Linked Legends will be automatically moved and resized as the column is adjusted in the Log Body.
  • Enter a Title to be centered in the Legend box, oriented horizontally or vertically (ascending or descending).
  • Fill the box with a color (if desired) and specify a border line style

Log Body Outlines

  • Insert an outline in the Log Body.
  • Outline a single column, such as a Depth Bar, or the entire log.
  • Choose a Fill color (if desired) and specify a Line Style.

Lithology Description Divider Line Extension

Extend the Lithology Description Divider Line so that the contact depth is more visible in logs with offset descriptions (click the image to the right to see an enlarged view).

Improved LAS File Handling

  • Import LAS files that does not reference a well name.
  • Add Well Information and Parameters tabs during the LAS export.

PDF Single Page Export

The new “Single Page” export option allows users to export a paginated log (with a header and footer on each page) as a single page PDF with the header and footer included at the top and bottom of the log.