Durov Plot

New Features in Grapher 14

There are many exciting new features in Grapher, offering increased usability and faster workflow. The top new features are listed below.

Durov Plots

Durov plots present the same hydrological, hydrogeological, or geochemical data offered in Piper plots, but with added features: pH and TDS data can be added to the anion and cation data. The plots can have uniform points, or can use points binned into classes and displayed with different symbol properties.


Create plots from row data

Grapher has had the ability to transpose data, so if the data was presented along rows instead of down columns, users could rearrange the data for plotting. This is no longer necessary. Now Grapher allows for plotting row data as-is.


Multi-page plot document

Space is a luxury. Sometimes it’s necessary to create a single project file that contains many graphs, because they’re all from a single data file or related data sets. In the past, this could result in a plot document that was difficult to look at, since there were many tiny plots, and difficult to print or export. No more! The file format for Grapher has been adapted to support multiple pages, so you can create each graph in its own page and still save to a single project file.


Fit Curve Improvements

  • Set numeric format for fit curve statistics
  • Automatic degree for Polynomial fit curves
  • Edit custom fit curve equations from the Property Manager
  • Save/load weights for Weighted Average fit curves
  • View and edit weights for Weighted Average fit curves in the Property Manager
  • Add new weights between existing weights when changing Window Width for weighted average fit curves
  • Use date/time for fit curve Data limits and Plot interval if plot data is formatted as date/time
  • Improve fit curve names in Object Manager by including plot name

Bar Chart Improvements

  • Set bar width based on from/to or width data in axes units
  • Color bars differently if the bar value is above or below the base value
  • Update default category bar chart label properties

Axes Improvements

  • Improve automatic axes limits
  • Update axes titles when plot data columns are changed

Page Improvements

  • Update page orientation when page size is changed, if applicable
  • Support for custom page sizes

UI Improvements

  • List plot type in the Property Manager
  • Improve discoverability of contour map properties
  • Improve discoverability of error bar properties
  • Improve discoverability of fit curves and fit curve statistics
  • Make more dialogs resizable


  • Import ESRI File Geodatabase (.FGDB, .GDB)
  • Import ESRI Personal Geodatabase (.MDB)
  • Export GPX from the plot window
  • Save the worksheet as a DBF

Many more!

  • Class plots: Override gradient with changes to individual classes
  • Scatter plots: Option to connect points with spline smooth line instead of direct line
  • Name plots from data headers
  • Object Manager: Turn on/off visibility of multiple objects at once
  • Set plot Worksheet Rows to a Custom value even when there is no data in that row
  • Speed up redraw
  • Reset dialog locations at restart to fix dialogs disappearing off the screen
  • Licensing: Run the MSI installer with a flag pointing to a license settings file
  • Streamline crash reporter dialog to require fewer clicks
  • Embed worksheet formatting into GPJ file
  • When saving file using big data with formatting to an older GPJ, prompt user to save all data with no formatting or to save data limited by XLSX limit with formatting