New Features in Grapher 13

New features include dedicated Piper plots, an improved Graph Wizard for choosing the right graph for your data, a redesigned user interface including the Ribbon and Property Manager, additional Curve Fits, easier color assignment to multiple plots and pie slices with Colormaps, and improved text and page positioning.

Grapher 13 adds the new Piper plot as a dedicated trilinear graph type. Older versions of Grapher required a mathematical workaround to plot the Piper diagram, and the new version makes it that much faster and easier to display the plot.

  • With the Shared Properties feature in Grapher, you can change the color and style of multiple graphs and symbols with a single stroke. Group data into classes and apply color by class.

Choose the right graph for your data with the improved Graph Wizard in Grapher 13. The simplified interface in the Graph Wizard lets you quickly choose the settings for the graph, titles and axes without getting lost in the detailed settings

Take advantage of the Redesigned User Interface in Grapher 13 to find features and functions more quickly.

  • Placement of the Worksheet Manager and Script Manager has moved to the right side to optimize work space.
  • The Ribbon has been redesigned to group related commands and moved commonly-used commands to the Home tab.
  • Date/time labels are much easier with the rearranged tabs in the Property Manager.
  • Search for help with the new Search field on the Ribbon.
  • Default widths of the Property Manager and Object Manger are wider to make it easier to see the full command names.

Curve Fits are improved with the new LOESS and RMA fit curves.

  • The plot name for the original data curve is now listed in the properties for the curve fit to help you keep track of the source data for the fit.
  • Gain additional insights into the curve fits with new curve statistics including p value, Pearson’s R, and standard error of coefficients.

Use the new Colormap feature to apply colors to a group of curves or pie slices.

  • Specify a default colormap to use when creating multiple line plots on a single graph in order to tell the lines apart immediately.

Graph faster with many improvements under the hood.

  • Contour and 3D plots now use multi-threaded gridding processes to take advantage of the RAM on your computer. Gridding is up to 5x faster!
  • Memory management improvements make importing large image files fast.
  • Large data files open more quickly with the new speed improvements.