MapInfo Pro 2019 – New Features

Select By Location

The new Select By Location dialog lets you select objects from one table based on their location relative to objects in another table by using a spatial join between two tables.

Geocode Enhancements

  • Access the older Geocode Server from the new Geocode Tool.
  • All MapInfo Pro license holders get 2000 free geocoding credits per month.

Pack Tool Enhancements

New Simple and Advanced modes for packing a table.

Select by Location - click to enlarge

SQL Window

Use the new SQL Window to build and execute SQL queries and statements. Find and update data faster and easier. Build and save your SQL statements and MapBasic scripts. Increase productivity by saving and reusing scripts.

Bing Maps License Period

MapInfo Pro 2019 extends the Bing Maps license period through Jan 1, 2021.

New Coordinate Systems and Projections

New Polar Stereographic entries have been added fro use in the Universal Polar Stereographic projection category. These systems can apply either a standard parallel or a scale factor at the pole.

Enhancements to the “About Tab “

Enhanced access to current settings (such as UILocale, AppLocale, and System Character set in use). Easily copy the information to email or a text note.

SQL Window - click to enlarge