RockWare Software: LogPlot

Log Headers and Footers

Log headers are plotted at the top of a log and typically contain textual information (company name, date, etc.), column labels, company logos, lithology legends, and more. Some of the header text is static or unchanging, while some (such as a date) change from log to log.

Log footers are plotted at the bottom of a log, or at the bottom of each log page, and can contain the same text, image, legend, and  other items as the header.

  • Each template can store up to two headers and two footers, as well as a full sheet “title page” that can be printed at the beginning of the log
  • Log headers and footers can be just about any size you wish
  • Include changing and non-changing text, using any font and color
  • Text entities now have left, center, right, top, and bottom alignment, with transparent or opaque backgrounds
  • Text “notes” allow long, wrap-able text paragraphs
  • Include BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, EMF, PCX, TGA logos or pictures
  • Plot symbol and pattern samples
  • New symbol and pattern legends
  • Include lines and rectangles of varying thickness, styles, colors, and fills
  • Include automatic page numbers
  • Include curve and bargraph column legends, linked to show names, data ranges and colors/linestyles, and which move automatically with repositioning of the columns
RockWare Software: LogPlot
Log design with detailed header