RockWare Software: LogPlot

Log Body

The “body” of the LogPlot log is where the downhole data will be displayed. Body items include vertical scalebar, bargraphs, bargraph values, curves, crossplot curves, horizontal and vertical text, lithology patterns and descriptions, cuttings percentages, well construction diagrams, downhole images, tadpoles, projected fractures, water levels, symbols, and interval bars.

  • Display soil/rock type patterns and “keywords” plus any extended descriptions in any font, color, and style. Turn on/off automatic offset, divider lines, keywords, extended descriptions, and more
  • Display interbedded layers in the pattern column
RockWare Software: LogPlot
Lithology text with extended descriptions
  • Show cuttings percentages of up to 20 components
  • Plot general comments and text entries as wrappable text with any font, style, and color, with alignment and margins
  • Plot vertical text intervals for age/formation names
  • Label depths or elevation with scale bars. Include either or both English and metric units.
  • Display true elevation for deviated boreholes.
  • Include vector and raster symbols for representation of water level, drill stem tests, sample intervals, etc.
RockWare Software: LogPlot
Metric and English depth bar; vertical text
  • Illustrate quantitative data as curves, with variable line styles, fills, symbols, wrapping, reference grid, automatic legends, and cross-plot fills, linear or logarithmic scaling. Scale curves automatically to data, and change scaling for any user-specified depth range(s).
RockWare Software: LogPlot
Curve styles in LogPlot
  • Display quantitative data as bar graphs with variable colors, fills, and automatic value labels, with linear or logarithmic scaling. Scale bar graphs automatically to data.
  • Show sampling intervals filled with vertical bars.
RockWare Software: LogPlot
Bargraphs in log body with labels
  • Detailed well construction diagrams for single or multiple borings, now with linked keyword and caption display
RockWare Software: LogPlot
Boring log well construction diagram
  • Insert bitmaps to illustrate core samples, fossils, etc.
RockWare Software: LogPlot
Images displayed in log body
  • Display dipmeter readings with Tadpole symbols indicating direction and dip angle.
  • Or, project fracture data onto a plane and display using custom colors and line thicknesses.
RockWare Software: LogPlot
Tadpole and fracture plots