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Spatial Autocorrelation Analysis

  • Semivariance Analysis, including
    • Isotropic and anisotropic (direction-dependent) variograms
    • 4 types of isotropic and anisotropic variogram models
    • Automatic model fitting, and / or user-specified
    • Anisotropy maps, for quickly identifying anisotropy
    • h-Scattergrams and Cloud variograms, for finding variogram outliers fast
  • Other autocorrelation measures
    • Correlograms
    • Drift
    • Covariograms
    • Rodograms
    • Madograms
    • Standardized Variograms
    • General Relative Variograms
    • Pairwise Relative Variograms
    • Moran’s I
    • Fractal Analysis
  • Cross-variogram analysis, for covariate analysis prior to co-kriging
  • Full control over lag class (separation distance) intervals and extent


  • Kriging, for optimal interpolation based on spatial dependence
    • Block kriging, for interpolating a discrete area around interpolation points
    • Punctual kriging, for interpolating discrete points
    • Cokriging (both block and punctual), for more precise interpolations when a covariate is present
  • Conditional Simulation
  • Inverse and Normal Distance Weighting for classic nearest neighbor analysis
  • Cross-validation (Jackknife) analysis, for comparing interpolated to known sample values
  • Polygon masks of unlimited number and complexity
  • Interpolation grids of any size
  • 1D interpolation for temporal (time) data and linear transects
  • Output compatible with ArcView® and other GIS and mapping programs (e.g. Surfer®)

Parametric Statistics

  • Sample means and variance
  • Skewness and kurtosis, for determining departure from normality
  • Frequency distributions
    • Normal probability plots
    • Cumulative frequency plots
    • Frequency histograms
  • Transformations for returning the data to normality
  • Quantile scattergrams, to display values for sampled locations
  • Regression analysis (variate vs. covariate)


  • 2D and 3D projections of maps
  • 1D graphs for transects and temporal data
  • Maps of kriging estimation error
  • Zata postings
  • Full control of size, axis labels, colors, contour intervals
  • Rotation and zooming

Data Handling

  • Integrated data worksheet
    • Huge data capacity – up to 2 billion records x 64 fields/columns
    • Assign x, y, z, z2 columns easily among 64 possible columns
  • Flexible input formats
    • GeoEas, ArcView, Surfer formats
    • Excel, DBase, Access files
    • ASCII text files in user-defined format
  • Flexible output formats
    • ArcView, Surfer interpolation output formats for interpolation
    • Graphics printed to any Windows device
    • JPEG, GIF, PNG, Metafile graph output formats
  • Missing values
    • Permanent missing values handled gracefully
    • Temporary missing values toggled on and off by user
  • Data filter to exclude data ranges
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