Groundwater Vistas and PEST

Groundwater Vistas Advanced, Professional and Premium

Groundwater Vistas comes in 4 versions:

Standard – includes basic 3D groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, calibration and optimization.  Models limited to 1 million nodes and 250 stress periods.

Advanced – includes Monte Carlo versions of MODFLOW, MODPATH and MT3D, plus some additional features:

  • Pest SVD-Assist and Null Space Monte Carlo procedures
  • Hydrogeologic Unit Flow Package (HUF)
  • Conduit Flow Package (CFP)
  • Sea Water Interface (SWI) Package
  • Memory Compression for Recharge & ET Data
  • Transient Hydraulic Property (TMP1) and Density Dependent Packages with MODFLOW-Surfact
  • MODFLOW-USG and MODFLOW 6 nested and quadtree grids

Professional – includes everything in Advanced, licenses for additional ESI software, and additional simulator support:

  • GW3D for 3D Visualization
  • Aquiferwin32 Version 5 (includes Winflow and Wintran)
  • MODHMS support (MODHMS model is an extra cost)
  • Ability to create triangular and voronoi mesh types
  • AlgoMesh license for creating triangular and voronoi grids

Premium – includes everything in Professional plus the SAMG Multi-Grid Solver

Groundwater Vistas and PEST