Groundwater Vistas

Graphical Displays

Groundwater Vistas

Graphical displays in Groundwater Vistas include:


  • Head, Drawdown, Concentration, Flux contours and color floods, in both plan view and cross-sectional view



Groudwater Vistas Pathline Plots



  • Velocity Vectors
  • Pathline and travel times from MODPATH/PATH3D
Groundwater Vistas Mass Balance Chart



  • Local Mass Balance Bar Charts
Groundwater Vistas Drawdown Plot



  • Plot head, drawdown, concentration versus time or distance
Groundwater Vistas Sensitivity Plots



  • Parameter Sensitivity Plots
Groundwater Vistas Calibration Plots



  • Calibration target scatter plots
  • Post calibration errors (residuals) on maps
  • Calibration target hydrographs
  • Calibration statistics for head, drawdown, flux
  • Properties distributions