PetraSim Fluid Property Modules

Fluid Property Modules

Fluid Properties Modules
two phase water EOS1 (TOUGH2/2.1/3*, TOUGH2-MP and TOUGHREACTv1.2/2/3.32*)
water and CO2 EOS2 (TOUGH2/2.1/3*, TOUGH2-MP and TOUGHREACTv1.2/2/3.32*)
water and air EOS3 and EOS4 (TOUGH2/2.1/3*, TOUGH2-MP and TOUGHREACTv1.2/2/3.32*)
water and hydrogen EOS5 (TOUGH2/2.1/3* and TOUGH2-MP*)
water, brine, and air EOS7 (TOUGH2/2.1/3* and TOUGH2-MP*)
water, brine, air, and radionuclides EOS7R (TOUGH2/2.1/3* and TOUGH2-MP*)
saturated/unsaturated flow EOS9 (TOUGH2/2.1/3* and TOUGHREACTv1.2/2/3.32*)
water, NaCl, non-condensible gas EWASG (TOUGH2/2.1/3* and TOUGH2-MP*)
water, CO2, and NaCl ECO2N (TOUGH2/2.1/3* and TOUGHREACTv1.2/2/3.32*)
water, CO2, and NaCl, including super- and sub-critical conditions, and phase change between liquid and gaseous CO2 ECO2M (TOUGH2.1/3*) – requires the purchase of the ECO2M* executable through LBL
CO2 or Nitrogen in natural gas (methane) reservoirs EOS7C (TOUGH2/3*) – requires the purchase of the EOS7C* executable through LBL
water, air, and volatile organic compound T2VOC
water, air, and up to 19 volatile organic compounds TMVOC

*PetraSim includes free executables for the TOUGH v2, TOUGHREACT v1.2 and TMVOC v2.0 simulators.  Newer simulators such as TOUGH3 and TOUGHREACT v3.32 need to purchased through LBNL and in addition to the PetraSim interface.  You can find pricing on the LBNL TOUGH webpage.  TOUGH v2.1, TOUGHREACT v2 and TOUGH2-MP are no longer supported or available through LBL, but can still be accessed through the PetraSim interface by customers who purchased these simulators in the past.