Discover 2D & 3D Details

Discover 2D provides powerful analysis tools to report data statistics, assign data and trivariate classifications, normalize and correlate data, and to assign values within a polygon.

With the Hydrology menu, process DEM elevation data sets to eliminate closed low artifacts, calculate stream outlets, junctions, vector stream paths, and watershed polygons.

Use Geophysical Filters to apply Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) to your raster grid data.

Add strike and dip symbols, anticline and syncline symbols, and many other other Structural Symbols to your map using the local styles of USA, Canada, or Australia.

Plot drillholes on a map with separate layers for surface geology and topography.


Discover 3D adds a 3D display space to MapInfo Pro and Discover 2D with support for map projections.

  • View drillholes with lithology in the subsurface, and drape aerial photography over the ground surface.
  • Create 2D and 3D grids from 3D data using Inverse Distance and Kriging with Variogram modeling.
  • Create a wireframe model from 3D points, lines, and polygons defining surface features (e.g. surface geology) or subsurface features (e.g. hand drawn cross-sections).