Didger Applications

Here are a few of the many applications that our customers have found for the Didger software.

  • Georeference raster and vector files for export to other applications.
  • Convert UTM data to Lat/Long or vice versa.
  • Create maps from multiple Digital Line Graphs.
  • Resample well log data on specified intervals.
  • Digitize oil & gas or monitoring wells.
  • Digitize soil, rock-chip, or other sample locations.
  • Digitize contours from topo sheets, hand-drawn maps, or computer-generated maps.
  • Digitize from aerial or satellite photographs either onscreen or from a digitizing tablet.
  • Reproduce well logs or strip charts even when you don’t have the original data.
  • Digitize township and range lines, section lines, or claim boundaries.
  • Digitize owner, operator, or property boundaries.
  • Digitize seismic section lines with shot point locations.
  • Digitize stream, river, watershed boundaries, lakes, and coastal shorelines.
  • Map archeological sample sites.
  • Determine stream length, shoreline length, or watershed or lake area.
  • Apply Didger in medical research, such as digitizing radiation dose calculations from patient films.
  • Study urban growth such as expansion of residential areas.
  • Digitize road and street maps and obtain route distances.
  • Reproduce hand-drawn cross sections.
  • Digitize wildlife information such as animal habitats, migratory routes, and territorial boundaries.
  • Digitize geological rock formations, lithologic types, and faults from maps and aerial photos.
    Digitize vegetation boundaries, burn areas, restoration projects, and lumbering areas.
  • Determine the area under a curve from a graph.
  • Digitize meteorological data to produce isobar maps.
  • Create spreadsheet files for data analysis.