Aqtesolv Type Curve Families

AQTESOLV Curve Matching

AQTESOLV pioneered the integrated use of visual and automatic curve-matching methods for the analysis of aquifer test data. No other program provides greater ease or flexibility in evaluating data from pumping tests, slug tests or constant-head tests.

AQTESOLV sold by RockWare
  • Visual Matching – One-click matching allows you to just point, click and drag to match a type curve or line to your data
  • Automatic Matching – Match any aquifer test solution objectively and efficiently using automatic curve matching.
  • Active Type Curves – A new feature that greatly enhances visual curve matching.
  • Sensitivity Analysis/Tweaking – Tweak individual parameters and fine tune the match of solutions to your data.
  • Type Curve Families – AQTESOLV lets you match any curve from solutions with type curve families.
  • Statistical Analysis – AQTESOLV provides a statistical analysis of the curve fitting results.
  • Solution Expert – Use the Solution Expert to help you select appropriate aquifer test solutions. For example, you can use the Solution Expert to display only solutions that apply to partially penetrating wells with wellbore storage.