RockWare ChemStat Software

ChemStat Features

ChemStat is powerful

  • Data set size limited only by computer memory for most tests
  • Unlimited number of parameters
  • Unlimited number of wells
  • Unlimited number of sample dates
  • Unlimited parameter name and well label length
  • Easily exclude individual data points from analyses
  • Fast Performance
  • Full report and graph printing and print preview
  • Export reports to tab-delimited ASCII text file
  • Export reports to a word processor in rich-text format
  • Numerous choices for page headers and footers, page left, right, and center
  • Choice of multiple fonts and colors in graphs and reports
  • Highly customizable user-interface

ChemStat is easy to learn

  • Easily select parameter for analysis from drop-down list
  • Complete on-line help with “what’s this” context sensitive help
  • Advisor Window displays information about the method and suitability of the method to the data set
  • Method selector tree allows easy selection of the appropriate statistical test for your data

Data Set Transformations

  • Quickly convert from original data to log-transformed and back
  • Easily represent non-detects with 0, 1, DL/2 or DL for any test
  • Accommodate censored data with Cohen’s or Aitchison’s adjustments