ChemPoint Software


Integrated Import/Export

  • Integrated into a single application — Import GRITS, Sanitas, MS Access, dBase, tab-delimited text, ChemPoint 3.0, DUMPStat. Export to ChemStat, GRITS, tab-delimited text, XYZ for contouring, ChemPoint 3.0, and New Jersey SRP format.

Extensive Database

  • ChemPoint tracks facility information, sampling locations, sampling dates, monitoring well construction, sample containers, and laboratory analysis results, along with all the related information. There is support for multiple sample containers for a location, duplicate analysis, split samples, and replicate measurements.

Powerful Reporting

  • ChemPoint reports data in nine general formats, with many additional reporting options available. Reports are written to a tab-delimited ASCII text file for importing into spreadsheet applications. Tab delimited reporting allows you to control the format, while providing reporting options not available in any off-the-shelf reporting module. Report non-detects as ND.

Additional Features

  • Sufficient data fields for all common environmental monitoring needs.
  • Track sampling dates, sampling locations, containers, analysis results
  • Easy data entry from user-defined lists
  • User-friendly interface with complete context-sensitive on-line help
  • Export data in a format compatible with most commercial statistical analysis applications