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ChemPoint New Features

ChemPoint 4.4 New Features

  • Improved data importing with direct import support for Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase, tab-delimited text, and any ADO/OLE DB compliance database.

ChemPoint 4.3 New Features

  • Improved User Interface
  • Export to Sanitas now supported in Standard Version
  • Export to Indiana Department of Environmental Management text file format.

ChemPoint 4.2 New Features

  • Improved Reporting — Options to shade detected values or values exceeding a specified limit; also automatically sizing report columns.
  • Easier to Use — Improved assistance for complicated tasks.
RockWare ChemPoint Software

ChemPoint 4.1 New Features

  • ChemPoint Professional now includes twelve different types of graphs.
  • Support for a new monitoring well superceding an older monitoring well for statistical analysis.
  • Improved support for sampling events that extend over multiple days.
  • Improved support for statistical analysis of data sets with blind duplicates.
  • Simplified text file import with the Universal Importer.
  • Export to Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) text files.

ChemPoint 4.0 New Features

  • Completely rewritten with an all new user-interface (MS Outlook style)
  • All converters, utilities, data management, reporting, and well diagrams integrated into a single application.
  • Simplified sampling event setup with drag-and-drop parameter management.
  • Spreadsheet style interface for data entry of analysis concentrations.
  • No more Borland Database Engine (used only for ChemPoint 3.0 import/ export).
  • All facility data stored in a single file.
  • Automatically tracks amount of time spent working on each project in ChemPoint.
  • Export to ChemStat
RockWare ChemPoint Software